electric drill powered bicycle

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by vegaspaddy, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. vegaspaddy

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    3m03o83peZZZZZZZZZ97g0e7f3b0f6ad11df4.jpg came across this bike while surfing craigs list.... anyone seen this before...


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Never seen anything like that. It would be so neat if it worked.

    I can't help the feeling, though, that it wouldn't be much help and wouldn't get you very far.
  3. mmachine

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    Not sure I'd want to wreak my drill like that.
    Not surprised it's for sale.
  4. vegaspaddy

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    just watched one of the utube videos for it, claims it can get around 4 miles on a battery doing 14 mph, not bad for a drill......

    but just seen the price....... $700 ........
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Yeah, there was some discussion of the bike, and the core gadget that makes it work, which is a combined holster/trigger actuator/right angle drive unit about 7-8 months ago. They want an unreasonable amount of money for the unit, as I recall.
  6. i seen it before, but you could just get a electric bike for around $180 5miles @ 15mph
    24v mongoose from walmart online(not in stock right now,u might find somewhere else).
  7. 64ragtop

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    I saw a demo on U-Tube some while back, and checked out the company's offerings. Kinda pricey if anyone asked my opinion (no one has) But if someone wants the novelty of tooling around on a bike that is obviously being driven by an electric drill, and has the money to pay for it, I say "Go for it!"


  8. $700?, you could get 3 electric bikes or scooters for the same price.
  9. 64ragtop

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    Drill powered bike!

    Well, I thought the minibike was cute, but impractical since I'm a BIG guy. But another approach does interest me a bit. Just buy the drive system by itself:


    and mount that on your favorite vehicle. I'm thinking Schwinn OCC Stingray chopper with that big yellow DeWalt drill sitting in the frame "triangle" (it's not triangular on the OCC chopper), but ya know where I mean.

    For ME, the point of doing such would be to get construction workers and other "tool using" types to think outside the box and maybe invent something similar, or see the usefulness of alternative power sources for transportation.