Electric & Gas chopper trike hybrid



Hello everyone!
l started with the electric on this trike and then changed to just gas. l have now combined them both, to make it a Hybrid. It works very well and is very fun to ride. You just start with the electric and once it's going fast enough, (32T), pop the clutch and the egine takes over. The trike is quite heavy with both electric, gas, and battieries. So, the electric comes in real handy.
The engine was from Happy, from MBc. thanks happy, nice little 48cc. l've been working on this project for some time now. l'm just glad it's done................enjoy the pics!
electric thumb throttle
32t sproket
36 volt electric motor
48cc engine
to much stuff to list, lets put it that way!


  • left front view.jpg
    left front view.jpg
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  • right front view.jpg
    right front view.jpg
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  • electric & gas throttles.jpg
    electric & gas throttles.jpg
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  • 36 volt front motor.jpg
    36 volt front motor.jpg
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    gas engine setup.jpg
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Jim H

That's a really cool ride azvinnie... liked it the first time I saw it as electric,like it better now, it's a serious scoot for sure! Really nice work man.


Superb! Congratulations it looks great. That is the electric drive Brush or less and what are the ah and battery type if you do not mind.


thanks guy's!
dbigkahunna, the electric is from grubee "skyhawk" and is brushless. the batteries are 12 volt 15ah. the best thing about the electric is that when l ride around using gas, it charges up the batteries. so l will never run out of juice quickly.thanks for the comments guys..................later


Beautiful. The chrome on the bike's chain guard makes it look like dual exhaust fron the front. Very cool.