Electric & Gas chopper trike hybrid


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8:22 PM
Nov 25, 2008
Perth Western Australia...in a Garage on a Hill
l hope this inspires people to build what seems to be impossible. thanks again to all.

I was pointed in the direction of your thread some ~3 months ago when i was researching for a trike build... Your trike was very inspiring to say the least, up until seeing your trike most (no all but most) trikes i had stumbled on lacked the "cool factor" and appeared more like rides for lil old ladies to fetch the groceries in... ~4 months down the track and i have my own trike that will fetch groceries (rather quickly to i might add..72km/hr or 44mph top speed thus far) whilst not looking like it should be ridden by a silver/blue haired 90 year old hehe...I tossed about the idea to go with a hybrid but ultimately decided on a large electric motor (1000watt 48v 20ah) setup which is perfect for my situation...

Has your trike had anymore done to it recently? is it still in 'service' ...have you anymore advice for budding builders looking at replicating your trike?

Thanks again for sharing this unique build...all the best

Alaskavan said:
Has anyone tried using one of those trike bike/trike conversion kits on a full suspension bike? Hmmm...

Yup...Me on a full custom built frame...


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