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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by louishb50cc, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. louishb50cc

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    Ive started a thread here for people to discuss specifically the generators that mount in the magneto case.
    Right my story starts here Ive ordered the generator(6v).
    Bought a Car rear fog lamp and a 5w bulb to dim the light slightly(as th original is a 12v 24w, v bright) and also have a front headlight (old rechargable spotlight, tsken out the light and battery) which has a halogen 7.2v bulb which can be run at voltages up to 12v. At the moment i am working on the control board to mount at the front of the bicycle handlebars which i have two illuminated switches for to see at night.
    I will post some pictures of my progress a bit later on.

    Anyone else bought one of these a useed it to run a lighting system?

  2. louishb50cc

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    Latest: Have wired up a 9.6v drill battery to its charging circuit and two switches have attached red fog light at back a headlight wired up. The lights are wired up via the battery being earthed into frame this shouldnt affect the magneto or charging circuit(am i right?). Wondering though when i connect up the charging circuit to generator wire will it charge battery at same time as running lights?

    Pictures soon
  3. louishb50cc

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    Just been for a quick 15min ride in pitch black after about 10min running on just battery started to run out of power. :( Bombed it back down main road. YAY! (got some funny looks and laughs off the drunks.) So overall i definatley need that generator to ryun these lights or i might get stuck somewhere stupid like over the hills on the way to a friends.
  4. louishb50cc

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    Not much today apart from some organising of the wiring and removed charging circuit as it stopped working for some reason just trusting the thermal switch i put in the battery to stop charging when neccesary. figured out how to charge and run the lighting by wiring up battery directly to my imaginary generator(12v battery) works well. went for a quick ride round town with lights running on battery all running fine.
  5. louishb50cc

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    got generator yesterday fitted it yesterday went camping brilliant. Thumbs up.
    Pictures in next post. Realised it produced ac so knocked up a rectifier circuit now fully dc .Yay
  6. 5446

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    Sounds cool cant wait to see your pics. Thanks
  7. louishb50cc

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    sorry not saiid anything for a while been away and on my way back from italy will get some pics soon as i get back in a few days.
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    so, I've been thinking about that white wire... I thought you need a circuit (as in "circle") to power things...?
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    This is now a dead thread new one started soon to be updated. Sorry.
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    We like to keep them around as a reference.
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    hi,been a while since i last posted, but while we are on the topic, i have heard of guys on motorcycles/ like me/ have rewound the stator/ magneto, with different gauge wire and it will supply more power, but i dont know much about it and if these engines will even handle it lol ... sorry for the threadjack, but i was curious lol... thx in advance
  12. GearNut

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    Yes, the magneto can be rewound for higher output.
  13. juliman

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    k, =) might have to investigate a bit more, like if the cdi will still work and all that other stuff lol
  14. louishb50cc

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    Mine works

    Mine works realy wel get and i a fair bit of amperage out of it too.
    Took a bit of messing with spark gap after but now its charging battery with the mini charger bought from same company. Plus it runs a very high watt spotlamp.
  15. juliman

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  16. Lolokustoms

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    Anybody have a link to the eBay light set? There's alot of 'em and I'm not sure which one to go with...
  17. Dave C

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    I will be getting some of mighty wonderful's stuff at the first of the month. The charger that runs off the white wire feeding into 4 4amp hr 6 volt batteries. With the wireing re-arranged on the charged batteries to give 12 volts when I need it. 16 amp/hr is a lot for a small bike. The tail light assembly I got runs on 2 AA batteries, 3 volts. After asking the electronics wizards in another forum about it a string of 5 diodes drop the voltage from 6 down to 3 volts. To help keep it charged a $25 solar panel is going on top of one of my bags, moveable from front bag to back, to assist keeping the batteries up.


    So I'm looking at about $85 for the complete system with solar, 4 moped batteries and a a voltage regulator. All ready have the lighting setup:helmet: