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    Kind of weird that this was the second thread I read in this section today. The other one was: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=19071 . Rhett purchased from E+ and seemed very happy with his dealings with them. He thought it was the best commercially available kit. Before you read that thread, I should warn you that it ends up being a cautionary tale about wearing your helmet. There is a reason I refer to him in the past tense. RIP Rhett.

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    I have never installed an e-kit, but it looks like yours involves little more than
    bolting on the wheels. I love the in-wheel battery configuration.
  5. the thing i like about this kit is the stealthness no one would know its an ebike a good thing in ebike illegal states everythings hidden in the hubs
    almost impossible to prove its an ebike in a cop vs citizen debate you could say there strong hubs build for rugged mountain biking with no motor exposed you really couldnt be ticketed

    the bad part,

    2200usd price

    for 1100usd i could build you
    a 75mph setup with the same range
    thats 45mph more then this kits max spec of 30mph
    and at a savings of 1000usd
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    $2ooo is a lot of money for a kit with only 10Amp batteries. I'd keep shopping.
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    What kind of set-up would you use?
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    Looks like a very nice kit. If the money is disposable,there's nothing wrong with it.


    Its running NiMh batteries. Thats about like buying a Bently, then being handed a harness to hook up your horse. Out dated technology. heavier and much shorter life than needed, with poorer preformance than LiFePO4.

    There's nothing wrong with NiMh, but for the price diffrence, LiFePO4 is Far better.

    For around $1000 there are several kits out there that offer similar preformance. Ampedbikes and e-bikekits along with Ebikes.ca are places to check. Not as streamlined as that kit, but at less than half the cost for probably more advanced technology.