Electric Moped Handbuilt in the USA

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by soundspeedscooters, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. soundspeedscooters

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  2. Do you have any stats on the bike? i.e. weight, range, etc. Any plans to put this into production?
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    that's a nice looking item, tho slightly off-topic...but what i really wanted to address was your posting of an "advertisement" while we still wait for you to "introduce yourself"...it's all laid out in the private message you received when you activated your account.
  4. soundspeedscooters

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  5. soundspeedscooters

    soundspeedscooters New Member

    We'll work on getting some stats up right away. We were psyched to get a photo up and share with friends, etc. Just took a maiden voyage ride this morning no brakes style (my shoes are worn pretty far down now ;) ).

  6. wavygravy

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    is that big black box the battery or something next to the wall in the pic? how far on a charge?
  7. Torques

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    Don't put the brakes on too fast or you might have a battery in your stomach, ha ha.