Electric Motorized Scooter Build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by TomyJ, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. TomyJ

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    Scootin #3.jpg Scootin.jpg HPIM1418.jpg HPIM1424.jpg Scootin set-up platform.jpg HPIM1611.jpg HPIM1618.jpg Rear Fender, Battery Box, Seat is next :sweatdrop:
    This is still in set-up, so don't say anything stupid-:whistling:

  2. def215

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    That's pretty cool. Building a scooter from scratch. I haven't seen anyone make frames in aluminum. I always see custom frames in chromoly steel.

    What's gonna be your motor/controller/battery setup?

    It looks good so far. :cool:
  3. TomyJ

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    Thank You DEF, I bought the Amped kit ($500.00), 350 watts, 36 volts - SLA batteries with disc brake set up, I'm hoping for 25 MPH, maybe 15 miles to charge, BUT I do ride hard and local only Long Beach, Ca. and yes when finished it will be for sale, or kit form.
  4. TomyJ

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    Marker Lights for the front platform, mounted inside one inch square tubes. HPIM1632.jpg
  5. TomyJ

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    Scootin front fender set up.jpg Front fender is not looking right (I have 3) I think the chrome one has the best looks and fit for the forks and frame, NOW it stops to slow at 25MPH, Sooooo!
    I will be trying a rear disc brake set up from a go cart?
  6. TomyJ

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    HPIM1640.jpg Tail lights turned out really well I think, all the wiring is in the frame