Electric Motors - Life Expectancy ... ???

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by vja4Him, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Assuming the motor is well matched to the load, life can be as long as the bearings/bushings last on a brushless; nearly the same for brushed motors, assuming brush replacement and comutator clean-up as needed.

    It all depends upon the quality of the motor and avoiding over-load.
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    Apart from the bearings which are a 5 dollar throw away item, a brushless DC hub motor (Crystalyte type) has no moving parts. So apart from mechanical damage to the spoke flange or the bearing pockets there shouldn't be any sort of life limmit. Even the side covers can be replaced if the bearing cups get damaged or deform.

    Geared BLDC motors on the other hand are a bit of an unknown quantity as far as life span. There really isn't enough data points to give any meaningful prediction on lifespan