electric or gasoline

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  1. jawnn

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    What are the pros and cons of each?

    Some peopel tell me that electric will burn out, but I know some one that builds electric tadpole trikes with no problem.

  2. azbill

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    electric's main holdback is available battery technology
    ...limited range on cheap batts, good batts = big $$$
    I have 500+ miles on the electric trike and all it gets used for is taking my 5yr old granddaughter to school (approx 4 miles each way)
    it's range is to small for any longer trips
  3. Mountainman

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    hello there going to be motor biking buddy

    this has been discussed many times over
    you should be able to find a lot said through the search engine (on site)

    but -- I must say -- for my long hauls -- I like the gas models

    as I ride that motor bike THING
  4. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Cons: Somewhat limited range and initial expense

    An acquaintance of mine has this:
    and is quite happy with it. He contends range is no problem for his use though it should be noted that he lives in a small college town and everything, work, shopping, etc., is contained within a mile of two in all directions.

    I've ridden it and it is quite nice and I like the fact that it behaves like a decent bicycle.
    He said he paid 800 + 100 shipping and another 50 towards an upgrade on the crankset.
  5. cooltoy

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    Having both gas and electric , I would never go electric unless it was at least 36 volts and I had the extra $500 for good batteries. Sure it's good to go to the store or whatever but nothing sucks more than using the bike for an hour and charging it for another 5 hours.
    Electric sucks in the cold too, giving you half the distance of summer use. Getting home on a dead battery is no fun.
  6. sparky

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    Overall, batteries are too expensive. That's all there is to it. Well, I guess there's more to it, like batteries just plain suck. Every charge will store less and less voltage. And if you don't keep Li-Ions topped off, you will significantly take a chunk outta your storage (i.e. - range).

    The question should really be... hydrogen or gasoline?
  7. cooltoy

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    "Suck" seams to be the word, oh, and speaking of sucking, go up a big hill and see how much juice you just killed!
  8. Mountainman

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    no reason to pull back now -- straight shot

    just putting it out there -- straight shot

    many if not MOST will never be truly happy with a battery MB set up

    most riders want to start out with some power
    and end up with some power

    who would want to start out with power
    and then into the ride as THINGS are being so enjoyed
    MB time is being cut short becase batteries are fading out
    takes a special (elect) loving type person to put up with this

    remember if with gas
    we can ride all day and all night
    you won't see any elect MB's up top the old mountain

    as we ride those things
  9. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I think Ebikes have their place. I know people who find they suit their needs.

    My first interest in MBs was going toward electric but it's not there yet for what I wanted. If and when the tech changes I'll be first in line for electric, no lost love for ICE's.
  10. wjcleveland

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    Why stop with one or the other,, we build MBs and Trikes with both. If you chronic Asama like me brother you need the electric to get engine started.

  11. mabman

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    I'm with you wj. An electric hub motor in the front with regen and a small Li Ion battery that is trickle charged by the ICE when it is in use gives the bike/trike a new dimension. The ability to go stealth or even use it inside a building in the case of handicapped users and the two wheel drive option make it an attractive setup that will be seen more and more as time goes on. Then there is also the fact that the regen will act as a front brake and thereby taking some pressure off your normal brakes or lack thereof.
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  12. wjcleveland

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    This is what it looks like; Ed is 65 and has ridden for the last 8+ years.

    check out WeRideBikes.org


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  13. azbill

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    nice Jaguar :):):)
  14. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I'm curious, what's needed and how does that work?
  15. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    it is all in the controller
    when power (throttle) is cut to the hub,
    rotation of the hub sends juice back to the batteries (hence the regen)
    an added plus on my electric trike is that the regen helps with braking
    a negative is when you run out of juice, it is very hard to pedal against the regen
  16. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Thanks Bill

    Would any E-hub then, work in this capacity?
  17. cooltoy

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  18. mabman

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    The advantage a hybrid has over the ebike is that if some parasitic power is robbed via the regen the motor overcomes it with its power. So technically you can be cruising with the ICE and have the regen set to on enough to recharge the battery, yet still have plenty of power to motivate. My favorite hub motor is OJ Birkestrands of www.rabbittool.com. While not readily available the principle of it makes the most sense to me, especially the oil coolant which would allow for the aforementioned practise.

    The other way is to run a generator off the motor or drive that recharges the battery, which would not only run the motor but lighting also.
  19. The pearl

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    i have one of each.

    My 24v goes 15mph for 15 miles. Then you have to charge for 5 hours. It's great for someone who only likes to ride short periods. My gas does 25 for 75 miles per tank. I definately like the power, speed, range of gas over electric. I did see though that Toshiba has worked with Schinn to create a battery that charges in 30 mins. Here is the link to the youtube vid.

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  20. HybriPed

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    That is smart - horses for courses.

    Speak to the enviro guys and they are all electric but the reality is that cost and weight are high and versatility is low with e-bikes.

    I operate my gas bike as a hybrid pedal/motor-assisted bike. I've got a 10 km downhill ride to work. I disengage the motor transmission downhill.