Electric Push Trailer: A proposed build... with some questions.

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by bigkat650, Aug 21, 2009.

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    I posted this in the electrical motors forums, but it spans a couple categories, so I figured I would post it here where most people look.

    I have designs for an electrical push trailer which I think I may try and build. I am looking for an assist in peddling, since I am 300+lbs--and live and commute over some decent hills. I would like to post my needs, and what I am currently thinking.

    -30+ Miles on a single charge- I would be peddling the whole time, used as a boost in speed and assistance up hills.
    -15 to 20 MPH cruising speed WITH low to moderate peddling
    -Assistance climbing hills
    -Easy to put on and take off of mountain bike
    -Spend less then $300 for the system (not including metal for the frame)

    What I am looking at:
    -THIS 24 Volt 450 Watt Direct Drive Electric Motor & Rear Wheel Assembly
    -THESE Batteries making a 24V & 24Ah power supply
    -A control unit and thumb throttle

    Below are the 3D images I made to get a basic idea of the plans for the push trailer. I made this before I found the motor/drive system listed above, but the application is similar. The idea is to be able to strap something (like a cooler) to the top of the platform above the batteries.

    I have no experience in this, and my calculations are all best guesses. The questions I have are:
    -Does it seem viable?
    -Is it better to attach trailer to rear axle or below the seat?


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  2. bigkat650

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    any thoughts? Is 24v and 24ah enough to assist me for 30 or so miles, some of which is up and down good sized hills... or is 24v 36ah a better idea. Again the motor is 450 watts
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    450W will be enough, but I recommend more by putting more volts to the motor. Riding electric scooters in my experiences, 250W plain sucks, and 500W is good for 15mph.

    However, the balance of the bike with a heavy trailer will be badly affected when connected there by the wheel, as I have found out. If you connect it to the seatpost, the balance is much better.

    Have fun with the build. It would be nice to see an electric pusher trailer!
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    Can I run more then 24volts to that motor?

    I also found This Motor which is 36 volts and 1000 watts. I am starting to think about running 6 of the batteries listed above producing 36v and 24ah... I know that gives me less watt hours, but the extra power may be nice... any thoughts?