Electric shifter kits

Discussion in 'Dealer Advertisements' started by Pablo, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Pablo

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    But I'm not sure I really understand it. Is this an electric version of, say, a china girl with a shift kit? And does the motor mount in the same place as the china girl would?
  3. Pablo

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    Not sure I would compare the torque and reliability to China girl or anything much else with an IC engine, but yes click on the installation instructions link. Thanks!
  4. jaguar

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    excellent idea! I think being able to shift will also save on battery power on long flat roads since you wouldnt have to give full power to go full speed.
    I used to have a 48v electric bike with front hub motor so know a bit on the subject.
  5. Pablo

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    This was one of our test mules. Different controller and mount system, but exact concept:

  6. Pablo

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    When people go electric they mainly:

    a) worry and fret and poop about the cost of the battery
    b) become so thoroughly hooked they wonder why they didn't start earlier
    c) ride their bikes a lot more, I mean a LOT more!
    d) brag to people how quiet they are.
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    I certainly do like the idea of running the drive through the derailleur and gears. I'll bet it's a great way to save battery power and share the load without becoming exhausted.

    It looks like an idea with real potential.

    Though I was impressed with the idea and engineering involved in doing the same thing with an IC engine, I've not regarded it as being particularly desirable or useful. (Though I don't mean to knock SBPs product. I'm impressed with what they do.) But in an electric application, where conserving power is much more necessary, this looks like a real range extender.

    I'll be watching with interest.
  8. Fabian

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    Will Sick Bike Parts do a hybrid system, where the engine can be used to recharge the battery and work in conjunction with the electric motor for boost power when doing heavy hauls?
  9. Pablo

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    Not in the foreseeable future. We have lots of thoughts like that, many ideas from you and other great customers. How commercially viable? Sometimes we never know. The heavy haul type of thing would be limited by customer base, but the hybrid part appeals to me big time. Electric around people and town, gas on the open road.
  10. Fabian

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    I share the same sentiment because when travelling on bicycle trails it would be hugely advantageous to turn off the internal combustion engine and cruise along without upsetting any of the more uptight cyclists (the very people who will report you to the police for being an evil anti-social menace on the bicycle trail) and who frown on an internal combustion engine running in a bike.
    By it's nature, electric operation attracts a lot less attention which is a good thing under these circumstances,


    when back on the road, it makes a lot of sense to run the engine at 100% duty cycle; pushing the bike forward as well as recharging the battery and with the added advantage of having boost power when electric operation and the internal combustion engine work in unison.