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Hi guys long time no "see" .....
well after 4 knee surgeries and now heart problems I am having a hard time starting my bike (not all the time just on my bad day's) I was looking a gurbee and they had a whomper stomper there that was electric start (I can not use a pull start) but so far I have not found anyone that carries the whomper stomper motor I would prefer to keep my ol 70 cc , after all these years she has been a good motor, and get some type of an adapter to start the bike simular to a mo ped starter.

With al you luvable grease monkeys :DI though someone might have an idea.

Idea #1: You could have a small electric engine with a sprocket that drives the chain that the engine uses, and use that almost like an electric bicycle, and once you get up to speed, you drop the clutch, start your engine and the electric engine free wheels. It would be even better to use the electric engine as a tensioner and a starter.

Idea #2: Take an electric starter off of a lawnmower (or other small starter) and use the gear on the starter and have it mesh with the big gear that is under the cover on the right side of the bike (when looking at the bike from behind). The only problems I can see are 1. where to mount it (maybe under the engine)
2. How to create some sort of seal to keep the grease from the gears from flying all over the place.
If it's the 4-stroke grubee engine, popping the clutch won't work. they use centrifugal clutches.

From what I understand, the next load of grubee engines and what not will be hitting american shores in four weeks. Everyone here was caught a little off guard by the sudden surge in demand. Personally, I'd rather use a motor that had the electric start built in to it. That means that it presumably has a 12v or 6v charging system on board that you could run lights off of.
IDK what sort of rope start are on those grubees but if one looks at some lawnmowers with their spring-loaded recoil start, you could pull the rope out slowly, a little at a time, then when it gets enough tension it just releases and kicks 'er over.

Also if you just take the rope start OFF you generally see a square keyway-- on briggs motors it's ~7/8"-- and a 12 point socket will fit. Put this on a 18v cordless drill and you're good to go. Like the airplanes of the 1930s.
Eljefino once the motor starts where is the socket and the drill going to go? I realize all motors are different but on the honda gx 50 you can use your lil pinky to pull start it with no effort whatsoever, always on 1 pull too...... on older cars where you cranked them by hand to start them they had a crank mount designed like a tamper proof screw head where it only grabbed one way so that when the car started it wouldnt tear your arm off.
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I've started briggses this way... Just pull the "starter" away.

If you use a cordless drill it will generally lug the electric motor so when the gas motor catches the electric speeds up and it's a controlled process. Plus you can use the "clicky" torque settings if you want. Generally the gas motor will chug and spit a bit as it's starting so one has plenty of reflex time to pull back.

IDK what's under that starter rope... if it's threaded, put a bolt in, if it's square, find something that slides over it.
I wish I could just scare my Happy Time into starting but it would get mad at me and refuse to do what I tell it.
Perhaps a cordless drill thru a hole in the clutch assy.
It would take some garage time to employ it. But It would be rechargable and
probly start the bike 30 times without recharge.

In other words " I really dont know"