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    Motorbiking friends,

    I have found a motor that I plan to get for the next build. It has and electric starter. I was planning to take it off and throw into the parts bin. The motor is a 43cc standard weed-whacker design.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has electric start with similar engine. I am assuming that the the starter also acts as a generator to recharge the battery while running. If so what do I need to control the (back and forth) current?

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  2. It would only generate power if the starter is permanently engaged all the time meaning the starter keeps spinning as the engine is running which sounds very unlikely to me.
    Most starters engage to start the engine then disengages when the engine starts up.
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    what brand and model no.?
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    I guess I'm guessing it acts an alternator when the starter is not engaged. This because I doubt there is an alternator between the PTO and rear wheel.:?:

    It's from a pocket bike.


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    Ref this post. Appears to be the same starter.

    I've seen where this starter does act as a generator when not being used as a starter.
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    I think I have the same engine. It is a Mitsubishi TLE43 clone from an X2 pocket bike. The starter motor is direct drive, and acts as a generator when the engine is running. It uses a rectifier/regulator assembly like this one.

    You can also engage the starter motor when you need a little extra oomph (not much, and not for long, LOL) going up hills. Does this make it a hybrid?

    In any case, this type of engine is going to be the basis for my motored bike project. The one I have has a CVT transmission, but the sad part is that the output shaft rotation requires the drive sprocket to be on the same side as the existing sprockets on the bike, and I'd like to keep the pedals for legal reasons. (and in case I get stuck) So it looks like I have to fashion some sort of jackshaft system to a sprocket on the "correct" side of the bike. Electric starting and 12V lighting will be cool though!
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    Actually the one in the picture is a 49cc. But I found the one you are referring to for $80 w/ shipping. I think I'll use that to motor up the woman's cruiser in the basement.

    What is your critique of that motor? I've got the real Mit and it does not start all that enthusiastically. I got an E3 plug for it and it fires up better with that.

    Will the regulator/rectifier keep the battery from over charging>?

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    does anyone know where I can get hold of this electric starter as a separate unit sans engine - I have been looking for something to fit up the GEBE since I got one two years ago

    pretty please!!

    Jemma xx
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    80 bucks is a good price, especially with shipping included. Pocket bike engines are ideal for motorized bike use, and a lot of them have a clutch/gearbox as part of the deal.

    The chinese TLE-43 engines are generally fine. You will need a starter solenoid circuit and a good battery to crank the engine over because of the simple direct drive starter motor. Gear reduction would have been much better, but would be more complex and a gear reduction starter w/bendix drive could not be used as a generator. The motor/generator didn't have any problems keeping the battery charged, although maximum drain from the lighting was probably only a couple of amps because all the lights (except the headlight) were LED's.

    A better engine would be one of the "47cc" pocket bike engines on the "Caglliari" style pocket bikes. These have reed valve induction, high compression heads (premium fuel reqired) and they can really scream! Both use the same industry standard clutch mount. (pull start only though)

    FWIW, a lot of "49cc" pocket bike engines are actually smaller in displacement if you calculate the bore/stroke. Truth in advertising isn't a strong point with some of these imports.
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    You'll find 2 on this page:


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    Thanks for the input:D.

    What do you mean by "premium fuel". The gas here is a federally mandated mix of 10% ethanol and some really toxic other stuff. I think the ethanol might be robbing me of some giddy-up(?)

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    Might you have a link for buying just the motor? It's amazing they can market the whole bike for $260.

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    By "premium" fuel, I mean "High Octane" - sorry for the confusion.
    The 47cc "Cag" style engines have high compression, so their octane requirements are higher than most 2 cycle utility engines. They are more difficult to turn over when starting, kind of like how a good chain saw is much more difficult to turn over than a weed trimmer.

    Here's one with a reduction gearbox attached: CLICK HERE

    They are also available with a "direct drive" clutch assembly like this.

    Just go on eBay and search for "pocket bike engine" and you'll come up with a bunch of hits. Problem is that most of these eBayers want huge shipping costs to make up for their lowball pricing.

    Added: The good thing about the Cag engines is that their gearboxes do not reverse the rotation of the crankshaft like the gearboxes on the TLE style engines, so the rear sprocket is naturally on the correct side of the bike. (drivers side? LOL) I was thinking of putting a Cag gearbox on my TLE, but I really want the bike CVT equipped for hill climbing and easy 30mph cruising. I don't think a single speed drive would be flexible enough with such a small engine.
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