Electric Trike - Battery and Gas Generator Hybrid (very cool)

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by bakaneko, Sep 15, 2016.

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    i looked into this too but i thought getting the ac to dc conversion would be too much of a hassle and mounting the generator on a 2 wheel bicycle would be dangerous. i guess it perfectly fits a trike.. these generators are cheap and have a large attached tank (a gallon+). the funny thing is that it should be technically still a electric bicycle since the only drive is electric. LOL

    i think besides the benefit of the legally being an electric bike. to offset such a huge engine, the bike should have all the benefits of an electric bike (simplicity, no gearing required, good torque) without the downside of limited range.

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    How long does the recharge take? In some places at least it would need to not have the genny running whilst actually driving. Can it, um, through charge(?)? (?I'm not sure if that is what it's called)
    I thought a mini generator to electric motor might be legally okay, but it seems not here if the genny runs while on the road.
    Two systems is always going to be expensive too. Two batteries may still be required for range BUT it is a very nice idea and I would love a trike with this if it had gears and if it fit through the front door! :confused:

    Ooh maybe it can go in a two wheel trailer?! :D
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    Yeah, I forgot that is one of the problems too so I would be curious as to how this rider got around it or if it is a really expensive generator. I think the reasonably priced generators has a 7A output such as this one.


    This generator is only $120 for a 120V AC 7A. So, folks would have to make a converter from AC to DC and 120V to 48V. 7A is not that bad. I think you would still be losing energy from the system going max speed on a 48V system but if you go half throttle it actually might be energy neutral at that point.
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    GAh! Two stroke is fine for riding but would annoy the hell out of me while stopped, lol!
    I don't know if it is the generator or the battery pack that determines the recharge time. I know that I can't afford electric right now (still struggling for parts for my HT) anyway but this is an interesting and cool idea.
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    Yeah, thinking about it now. I would probably not do something like this. If someone wanted simplicity than getting a friction drive would be a better option. However, in certain circumstances like this legally blind person, this setup could work out.
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    Maybe a friction drive motor running a car alternator to battery change the pulley on alternator so it's working while motor is on idle revs not screaming Rev's