Electric versus Gas 4 Stroke

Mike St

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Jun 16, 2008
Today, we tested the electric 48 volt, 1000 watt motorized
bicycle I made. The torque on this thing is a monster. It has
1-5 power settings, and we settle on 2, which takes the bike
to 15mph. It's so powerful on 5, it could pull out of your
hands if you're not ready for it. Very quick on acceleration.
On 2, it could easily make 40 miles range. It's quiet,
super powerful, and environmentally friendly. About the best,
friendliest, smoothest bike I've made so far.

In comparison, the performance of the chopper with the hopped
up HS 142 engine and Q-matic trans is matched by the electric bike,
and the electric is quiet. The FD with the GX50 comes in
third. It doesn't have the startup acceleration but once it
gets going it sort of shifts to higher power and acceleration.
It's OK, but doesn't match the performance of the other two.
The two real winners are the electric and the HS/Q-matic Chopper.
The electric and the chopper are reliable, everyday bikes. The
electric is the smoothest, quietest with great torque.

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Nov 14, 2018
so cal
I always knew an Electric bike would be for you (y) You've always said ya don't think a M/B should go faster than 30mph