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    Put the black bike together back in the fall. Been using it to commute to school. Has a 600watt 36v front hubmotor. I'm hoping to build some fenders for it soon and relocate the batteries to some saddlebags. Would like to find a suspension fork for it but having trouble finding one long enough with the right look. Most folks don't seem to realize it's powered. But I do get a few joyriders.
    Been riding the crome chopper for over a year 1/2 now. Found the 40" springer front on ebay a while back. Had to re-rake the frame to regain propper riding position. I have a 1200watt rear hubmotor for it but have had trouble finding spokes that work with the rim I want to use. Originally I had planned to build another gas bike with this fork but it's been fun riding around campus as a manual bike. It was my daily driver until i built the electric bike.

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    A good looking machine. Clean.

    I've considered a hub motor. Sooner or later I'm sure to try it. Are you happy with yours? Any downside that the vendors don't mention?
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    The front hub is a Wilderness Energy, been working fine for me so far, but I have seen mixed reviews online. You do need some forward motion for it to take off from a stop. The rear hub for the chrome chopper is a Golden Motor haven't used it yet I'm having trouble finding spokes for the rim I want to use with it. The ones I've got are about 1/4" too long. Can't afford a thread roller right now.

    Hub motors are fairly simple to instal. But, you have to have a dropout that can handle the torque. I had to weld in some cheap 10mm spanner wrenches on the fork to keep from spinning out the axle. But installed right most people woln't know the motor is there.