Electrical Danger?



Today as I rode areound 30mph It felt to me that the bike was shocking me bu the handel bars. It felt so bad that I felt like my hands couldn't handel it any more so I slowed down, to 20 when I can't or can barly feel it. When I thought about it I'm thinking that the motor put electric power in the bike's frame going up to the handdle bars into my hands. What I worry about is if it reaches the gas tank through the frame. Would electric make it possible for my gas tank to explode?

I just want to konw If I should do anything for my own safety. Or just wear rubber gloves to not be affected by the shock at 30mph.


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4:40 PM
Dec 15, 2006
Fountain Hills, AZ
sounds like a short in your kill switch
you could also check were the wires plug together and make sure all are good
if prob persists, you could put electrical tape around all connections as well

but... I don't think you will blow up ... at least I hope not :LOL: (I have a 3.3 gal tank, and it would make a bigger boom) :eek: :LOL: :LOL:


Is it possible this is just pain from the vibrations? It seems to me that the rubber handle grips would insulate you from any potential shock. Anyway check your kill switch and wiring. The issue should be fixed but don't expect to explode. My bike had a crack in the plug wire insulation and was shooting a huge spark directly the fuel tank and I'm still here, though i did fix the problem when I discovered it.


I just fixed it. I taped up the whires that come out from the engine and now it doesn't kill me anymore. Thanks!!!