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  1. Neufcruz

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    image.jpg I figured I would ask here since the e-bike section does not get a lot of looks.
    I'm finally wiring up my battery box. I want to hook a keyed switch up as well as a PAS switch so I can turn it on and off as I want.
    I attached the wiring system on controller. Could someone tell me exactly which wires to splice into to kill all power (so e-bike does not work)!also which one of the 3 wires on the PAS do I splice into?
    Btw. It's the bottom LCD controller.

  2. KCvale

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    You can put a keylock switch in-line with the one wire the controller needs to work.
    It's easy to find ;-}
  3. Neufcruz

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    There's 5 wires (red,blue, black, yellow, green) on the display plug. I'm afraid to start hacking wires.
    Start with red????
    On the PAS there is 3 (red, black, green)???

    I don't want to fry anything! Lol