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    I purchased an engine kit during the fall and my bike is getting really close. Anyway when I got the throttle assembly out and tried to install it I could not believe what a total wad of junk it is...I ordered a "new old stock" mini bike throttle thats almost all metal and will accept the barrel end cable...My problem is that I need to work in a new kill switch...I also bought a 6 volt horn off ebay that I want to wire to the white wire that most people dont use...OK so I found these reproduction "BSA" style switches and I plan to use one for the horn and a second one for the kill...Ive already checked with the guy and they can be used for both applications....Heres the deal, I KNOW NOTHING about electrical other than the simple diagram on Chris Hills website...This is a quote from the guy that has the switches

    "Hi, this are grounding type, one wire goes to them. so the horn has a hot wire to it and then you ground it with this switch to make it work. As a kill switch it grounds out a magneto. It will work with any voltage."

    Can anyone tell me if this can be done and a VERY simple explanation of how to wire them.

    Thanks for all the help!

    heres a pic of the button by the way

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