electrical/magneto help



i was riding my bike yesterday and all of a sudden it died on me. when i got it home, i found that it wasn't making a spark at the plug. so i got the champion plug you guys suggested as a replacement. still no spark. then i pulled off the engine cover with the little generator-do-dad behind it. the connection at the white wire was surrounded by black marks and when i turned the motor over there is sparking between the white terminal and the coil of wire. so i took that out to get a better look. when i put it back in, there was no sparking anymore. but the spark plug still isn't firing.

does anybody know how to check this thing to see if its working or where to get a new one?


Look at the whole length of your "wiring harness" and check all the wires to make sure nothing is grounding anywhere.

Check all connections from the mag out.