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    Just a couple of quick questions:

    Can a CDI be destroyed as a result of a poor connection of the spark plug to the spark plug cap?

    Can a multimeter test CDI units that are not attached to the engine or to the bike? (just checking)


  2. jaguar

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    It is possible that a destructive internal short can happen when there is no spark plug connected. That is because the voltage builds up to an excessive amount.
    Only good way to test a CDI is making sure the stator coil is outputting at least 30 volts and that the spark plug is good. If no spark then blame the CDI if you know all the connections are good.
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  3. crassius

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    meter-testing a CDI is unreliable - I built a tester for that, but if you don't have another bike to try it on, you're better off getting a new one (if that doesn't fix the problem, then you'll have a spare for later)
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