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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by brewingbango, Dec 9, 2008.

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    i currently own a 80cc; however, i am here because i think i came up with a really good idea. Many people on this sight are interested in possible
    charging a battery with the 6v power and i think i have a idea. Add a 6v solar charge controller either directly to a battery and run light to the battery it will maintain voltage
    http://www.siliconsolar.com/6v-charge-controller-p-17850.html, http://harriscyclery.net/itemdetails.cfm?ID=2813, you can even even add a dynamo hub to the equation and have a full electrical system that can charge a phone or run a small amplifier and speakers the ideas are infinite. All you are doing is adding your input current through the solar panel side super easy and if you add a toggle switch you can have a light with an on and of switch all this with very minimal weight 3 pound or so
    please i am looking for any suggestions

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    That sounds cool. Maybe we could charge our cell phones or MP3s from the white wire while riding.
    I considered some of the solar recharge bicycle lights on EBay but they don't appear to
    emit much light.
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    yeah im trying to figure out the white wire too. What i am figuring is if you add a 6v battery or even 12 you have with a solar charge regulator it would act as a voltage protector so you wouldn't over charge your battery.However i have been hearing if you use the white wire directly to a light it would take electricity form the spark and cause you to stall. So what i think you can do is run the white wire to a charge controller and it would trickle charge your battery any time the motor is running and you can run any kind of 6v light to the battery with a on off switch so charge you battery at day and use the light at night.With some rigging you could add a solar panel and charge w/o motor running.With that beeinig you could easily add a cell phone charger or mp3 charger to it.Another option is adding a dynamo hub to the equation.
    thank you for the response and anynew ideas ,
  4. wheelbender6

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    I run an automotive driving light (like you would mount below the bumper) from my white wire. I replaced the original 12v bulb with a 6v bulb and it works well.
    Most any light that will run from a bicycle wheel or hub generator should work.
    A 6 volt light will not negatively affect your engine spark.
    A 12v light will weaken the spark.
    Once you find a headlight that works with your white wire, you can experiment with
    different bulbs (halogen, LED, etc) for the best results. LOL
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    From the site about the controller.The 6V Charge Controller from Silicon Solar takes the uncertain voltage generated by Solar Panels and conditions it to safely charge batteries without causing damage or overcharge .What i'm looking at is the "uncertain voltage"part. Have heard from 3-10 volts at different rpm's.
    It is also suppose to keep battery from overcharging also. Sounds good.Worth a try.6 Volt bat,OK But what AH bat would you need for head and tail light,signal,brake, horn, and chargers for all else ? At very least the head and tail light. As is now, my white wire powers low beam fine at all speeds but high beam needs high speed.
    Years back there were voltage regulators that one could remove cover and adjust. Very cheap. It would be nice for such a thing for these engines.
    I Like what Norman has to say on the matter of lighting and maybe it is the way to go. but I want a cigar lighter.