peter nap

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2:35 AM
Mar 4, 2008
This is a two parter.
First, does anyone know of a site that has an electrical diagram of a 07 NE. There are a lot of unused connectors that I'm curious about. My horn doesn't work either but my battery is dead. I think the lights are direct and the horn works on the battery.

Second. Has anyone had electrical problems with their Ambassador. Everyone I've talked to says they have a slow drain when the bike is not running. Since it's an electric start, that's a problem.
I just got my new Ambassador today, I have it together and have 2.5 miles on it...I spoke with Quenton about the clutch, it seems to slip alot, he told me to just drive it and it will get better needs to burn in...I am also having electrical problems with mine, no lights except for the brake lights and turn signals. Quenton told me a few things to check and have done those, but battery has run down so on the charger right now, will let it go over night and check it again tomorrow afternoon.

I will give you an update as soon as I find something. The bike rides and handles superb, great seat, smooth comfortable ride with the bigger tires and longer wheelbase. I think I am really going to like this one. The brakes are excellent!!!! And I really like the electric start. I started it so many times trying to work on the lights I ran the battery down....small battery, but we will see how it works as time goes by.

Dave Beck
Elk City, Oklahoma
The wiring on the 07 NE is very similar to the WC-1 motor series [1999 to 2004]. Most of the un-used wires are for turn signal, light for the guages [tachometer], and some versions have extra hook-up for the tachometer. The battery must be good & charged for the horn to work correctly. A very easy way to check the horn is to check for the 12V across the horn when the horn button is pushed.
I have 500.3 miles on my Ambassador, and haven't had a single problem with the electrics. My bike has set for 3 or 4 days at a time [due to rain & cold weather], and has always started on the first try. The clutch connects at about 2500 RPMs, and locks at about 2800 RPMs.
I hope to give a full report on the Ambassador in a couple of days, just have been too busy testing a few new products and getting some of my motors ready for the up comming show at Dawson Springs, KY.
Have fun,