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    Hello There From Naples Florida. Im John (electro) New To This Motorbike Stuff And Love It. Its Been Great Transportation And A Lot Of Fun. Especially In A Place Where There Are No Hills ( Well We Have Hill`s ,,,,ant Hills, Ha: I Have An Electric Bike From Currie And A Huffy With A 1.6 Hp Subaru Friction Drive. At First I Thought There Was Something Wrong With The Gas Motor , But After Properly Inflating The Tires Well Its Much Faster. As Far As The Electric Is Concerned Im Going To Have To Keep My Miles In Check I Had To Peddle Back Home 12 Miles For Not Paying Attention. Hope To Hear From Any One Out There.

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey John..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome..this is a great forum for info and help with lots of guys who always jump in and solve problems for us...use SEARCH for a quick answer...Good Luck ENO (Oz)
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    Welcome from California!