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    image.jpg if I leave engine as is or almost as high up. Could the CDI/ coil go where I have them? Any issue with heat from engine?
    I also thought about under the seat stay in back of the seat tube. Wasn't sure if I do run exhaust like it sits then what about heat from pipe? I would rather not see if possible.

    Thanks for any advise/suggestions.


  2. KCvale

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    You should be OK down there under the engine and away from the pipe.
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    I run mine under motor, but use high-temp chem-resistant wire to hook to mag & kill button - not sure if I need that, but feel safer in case of carb leak or fire.
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    Heck, I cut off the stock junk at the magneto and run my own upgraded wire to where I want the CDI as standard procedure.
    Black outdoor double insulated speaker wire has worked best for me.
    It is flexible and though slightly larger than bike cables blends in well with other bike cables.

    This shows what I mean pretty well.


    You can see the black shielded cable coming out the engine from the magneto and go up to the CDI.
    I like to put the CDI up and away from things that get hot.

    I stagger cut the CDI's wires too, and solder the better Mag wire to them.
    Then solder on the kill buttons wires, and sometimes like this example add a keylock.
    Then cap it off with an epoxied on 'hobby box' cover over the CDI.

    The keylock is just like a kill button, it shorts the mag wires together so it won't start, it just takes a key to change what it does.

    I am a big fan of big spark.
    Besides upgraded wiring to get the most juice to the CDI, I use NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) spark plugs in all my 2-stroke builds as well.
    Their longer size gives bit more compression to angle head engines, and they make a great spark!

    Just little tips, hope it helps someone.