Clutch Eliminated clutch chatter by around 75% (photo's included)

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    On another tread i was talking about clutch chatter and got told what could help dampen it , so i decided to experiment myself and found a pretty great match.

    What i did was get my old mouse pads and pizza box "cardboard" and cut them to the shape of the clutch cover. 2x mouse pads, 1x cardboard cutout..

    I placed one mouse pad cutout inside the clutch penal followed by a cut out piece of cardboard. Which i flattened out so the nut on the clutch doesn't rip into the cardboard.

    With the other piece of mouse pad i placed on the outside of the clutch cover and stuck it down with silastic glue. (which when dry will also help with dampen the sound)

    I can hardly hear the chatter anymore. I will be greasing the gears lightly which will also help but its unbelievable what and piece of cardboard and mouse pads could do..

    This is my end product:
    outside clutch cover 1.jpg
    Inside clutch cover 2.jpg
    middle photo of clutch cover 3.jpg

    Thanks for reading, Hopefully helps someone else on here!


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    :idea:i got a can of spray on sound deadener from auto accesories shop $15 and done inside its good but took a long time to dry.

    but i love this idea especialy the mouse pad:idea:
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    yeah its one of the best things you can do to help eliminate the chatter
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    fits in perfectly and can be found cheap on e bay
    I think I got 2 12x12 sheets

    im also using it under my gas tank mount but I still get a vibration from the tank somewhere