Elio Reverse Trike/Lit Motors C-1

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    Found 2 interesting vehicles that are nearing production and hopefully don't end up like Zap's vaporware vehicles.

    The 1st is a gasoline powered, reverse trike from Elio Motors that suppose to get 84 mpg and seat 2 people. It has a fuel injected in-line 3 cyclinder, gasoline powered engine. It has a suggested retail price of $6,800 and be assembled in the USA. http://www.eliomotors.com/ Elio is scheduled to begin production in later 2013.

    The 2nd is a gyroscopic, electric 2 seater from Lit Motors in S.F., CA USA. It is 2 wheeled and looks like an egg on wheels. It will have a suggested price of $24,000 and have a range of 200 miles. This thing will be hard to knock over with its gyroscopic ability. No definite time for production. http://litmotors.com/c1/ Definitely not a $80K Monotracer or the 100K electric: http://peraves.wordpress.com/, but a lot cheaper. Man, why can't I win the $600 Million Powerball jackpot tonight?

    Like to see both vehicles produced and be able to sustain production.

    Edit: Found video and blog for the aerobike from New Zealand:

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    I like the eliomotors vehicle. It offers better weather protection than Scooter-based trikes.