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    mopeds are off-topic here, but they are welcome in the white zone :)

    i guess you're done read read reading here? ;)
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    Well I dunno if I'm done reading, just saw pictures of bikes-pedals and engines in some ancient times while googling, but if it belongs in the white zone, then so be...,
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    well...MBc has a lot of traffic, & we don't have room for everything...and, there are those who benefit from our posting of their sites, but we don't see much reciprocal linking even after a year and a half...this is why we have rules concerning linking to other forums and such.

    the internet is a strange place, we protect our corner of it zealously.
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    Even though there appears to be a mish-mash of different bikes there, it's pretty interesting, anyway. It appears that many of the pages on that site are of motored bikes. The end-to-end one, for instance described a motored bike run from lands end in Cornwall to the northern tip of Scotland.

    Also, the Turing article noted that Alan Turing drove a motored bike in the early '50s, never acquiring a car.
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