End of the line for internal combustion engine and electric motorised bicycles in Australia

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  1. Fabian

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    The end of the line for properly functional internal combustion engine and electric powered motorised bicycles in Australia.

    You will be hit with a $1000 fine, and have the motorised bicycle impounded. It will cost $800 to have your bike returned to you from the impound yard, and then you will have to attend court, where they will hand out another $1000 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle, and more fines and penalties if you are an unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle.

    As the maximum permitted speed of a motorised bicycle (not a pedelec) is 20 kilometres per hour (13 miles per hour) you can also be issued with traffic fines for exceeding the 20 k/ph speed limit.

    Totally draconian laws, which will now turn many law-abiding citizens into instant criminals, for doing nothing more than what they were safely doing before January 1st 2017.


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  2. Timbone

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    I am not Australian, nor am I a lawyer. But it looks like this applies to "monkey bikes" or what we would call in the states "pocket bikes". This doesn't appear to pertain precisely to a motorized bicycle.
  3. Fabian

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    This information has come hot off the press from a Victorian Highway Patrol officer, as it applies to motorised bicycles that do not comply with the regulations for a "motor assisted bicycle, where the engine or motor is not the primary source of power, and where the engine must be completely disabled and non-operable when the pedals stop turning, and when the bicycle exceeds 20 k/ph (13 m/ph), and when the engine output power exceeds 200 watts which converts to an anemic and functionally useless 1/3 of a horsepower.

    It's the end of the line for motorised bicycles with a proper level of functionality as an alternative means of transport, including "all" functionally useful electric powered bicycles.

    The police are rubbing their hands with joy over this new legislation.
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  4. skyash

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    New I live in Melbourne and that law has always been .motorized bikes have always been over wattage so always been illegal .the vic rode site says its max at 250w and 25kmh and motor can not work at 25kmh and over ...so you can ride them but when the cops get you you have to be able too prove its 250watt or under and you weren't speeding.that paper you got is for monkey bikes .
  5. skyash

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    And if it's 250w and under and you are doing 6 yes 6kmh you don't have to pedal anything over that you will have to fake pedal.till 25kmh ..by law all you need is a front brake lights and helmet .vic roads won't register these bikes .i have called them .gone in .thay say I don't have to . And thay don't do it.
  6. Fabian

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    I wish to make it clear to you that this new legislation was brought to my attention by a Victorian Highway Patrol Officer who clearly stated that this legislation encompasses not only monkey bikes, but all motorised bicycles that fall outside of the legislation for the 200 watt ruling.
    The 250 watt ruling is for pedelec bikes.

    Those arguing against this legislation are fools; to think that you can argue against a Victorian Highway patrol officer with 13 years of experience in the Victorian police force, who may i add, is trained to be competent in all aspects of traffic and motor vehicle legislation.

    It's the end of the End of the line for internal combustion engine and electric motorised bicycles in Australia

    Most frustrating as i have (over 6 years) invested around $12,000 in my motorised bicycle and accessories.
  7. darwin

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    From what I read it's targeted to monkey bikes period. Is a bicycle classified as a motor vehicle in Aussieland? Maybe bicycles aren't classified as motor vehicles. Here they are vehicles with all the rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles but not motor vehicles. Whatever you do to a bicycle it's still a bicycle with 2 pedals and not DOT certified. Been a couple of court case rulings saying just that. That's in my state others are different so take that for what it is...........I don't understand the hostility to our hobby. Is it the liberal theology to just control our lives? A MAB is harmless and is enviro friendly. I don't get it. Then down under the hostility to electric bikes, that's friggin insane!
  8. skyash

    skyash Active Member

    Highway Patrol Sergeant cook pulled me over doing 57 in a 60 zone said he was gonna get me for it no matter what got my phone number call me back in a week and said there's nothing he can do there's a loophole in the law .but the police will try to tell you that by having a motor on your bike it makes it a motorbike but it does not unless they can prove it does put out more than 250 W and that you were doing more than 25 km an hour. Now the biggest problem is when you do get pulled over even doing the appropriate speed and peddling and they find out your motor puts out more than 250 W and then your screwed .look up Electric bikes on Vic roads it says that this law for electric bikes also covers petrol or any other type of motor on a bike a monkey bikes do not have pedals and are there for a full motorbike and the only reason they are bringing up the law again is because that lady got killed in the car park of the shopping centre after being hit by a kid with a monkey bike. I have been pulled up at least 10 times by police all issuing me fines for unregistered motorbike I deny the fact that it is a motorbike and by the time I have to go to court the case is dropped other kids Other kids just take the fine and pay it
  9. skyash

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    No matter what the police tell you look up vic roads and throw it back in their face .or call them
  10. Fabian

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    I have no hostility to motorised bicycles, or those that ride them.
    I am just as angry that this new legislation makes me a criminal and allows the police to confiscate my bike "on the spot", and have it impounded; leaving me stranded at my location, with penalties that will amount to around $3000.

    This is part of my setup, so i am most upset that i can never take it out on the road again, nor my touring setup, which has travelled over 60,000 kilometres (37,000 miles) without incident:

    I am simply displaying the relevant legislation that now outlaws "all" motorised bicycles (both internal combustion engine or electric) that do not comply with the "new" regulations, which effectively makes a motor-assisted bicycle (including electric powered) a worthless and unrealistic method of transport for those requiring their bike to be a properly functional alternative to a conventional motor vehicle.

    Secondly, i was sent the relevant legislation and have posted it for all to see; legislation that encompasses all motorised bicycles that exceed the 200 watt ruling.
    Furthermore to make everyone who is located in Australia aware of the "new powers of confiscation and penalties" that the police have at their disposal.

    Thirdly. A motorised bicycle that falls outside of the 200 watt ruling is classified as a "motorcycle" which requires it to be ADR compliant and does not allow for the bicycle to be registered.

    Fourthly, and i quote verbatim what my friend (of 13 years in the Victorian Police Force) said to me when sending a copy of the new legislation, and after he contacted the legal department of the Victorian Police Force for clarification re motorised bicycles.

    Quote: "You're f*#ked. We're going to smash them with this new legislation."
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  11. skyash

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    A motorised bicycle is not classed as a bicycle if:

    • the motor is the primary source of power
    • the motor's power output exceeds 200 watts (whether or not the motor is operating).
    These are considered to be motorcycles. The rider will be required to hold a motorcycle licence and have the vehicle registered before it can be used on the road network. Motorcycles cannot be ridden on footpaths or bicycle paths. Motorcycle riders must wear an approved motorcycle helmet...all you got to do is restrict the engine till it hits 200w then you're legal
  12. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    As i was saying, a functionally useful motorised bicycle as a reasonable alternative for effective transportation becomes a totally useless motorised bicycle; not worth a pinch of salt, when complying with the 200 watt regulation, and associated technical requirements, as previously detailed.
  13. skyash

    skyash Active Member

    I agree that thay take anything good away from us .i hade a electric scooter that was 200w would rip out your hands on take off only up to 10kmh .and last 4o min .no way at all a help for serious transportation .best thing I have done is put a 49cc because 49cc is still legal . pocket bike engine on my bike with a flap in the muffler which when closed almost makes my bike stall but when open it straight out full power so when I get pulled over I can Close the flap and it runs silently and top speed of about 10 to 15 kmh . The cops can ride it and see and hear that it is nowhere near 200 W or even able to break 25 Kmh and let you go .till you turn the corner open the flap take off like a rocket and make your ears bleed lol ..flap runs on a cable I can adjust while riding . It beats having a slow bike just get a fast One and restricted it with adjustable restricters ....200watt I can walk faster then that the government is a joke

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  14. skyash

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    By the way have you seen the 49cc china girl engine kit on eBay in Australia that say they are 49cc and legal in Australia and have paperwork to say it is 200watt .???? Has anybody on here seen or heard of this. I bet they are not legal and it's just a gimmick to sell them.
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  15. Fabian

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    200 watts provides a functionally useless level of motive power.
  16. zippinaround

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    Just suggestions based on what I've encountered different country similar laws brought in , I looked up old laws which are still written in law which supercede these newer laws spout those to the cop , recently the Eu passed a law about pedelec s it doesn't apply in any way to petrol assisted bikes and also older irish laws supercede newer European laws which would have to be enforced by some European police force .
    I know different situations but I have been tried as a criminal here and won my case and still drive my bike even though the so called "law" says it's not allowed .NEVER GIVE UP!
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    i had the same idea but butterfly valve redirecting through longer pipe increasing bk preasure ( stelth mode ) hill climb when closed and top end screamer fully opened
  18. skyash

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    To many ways too think of doing it never stops.lol
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    There is no mention of "motorized bicycle" in the