End of the line for petrol and electric motorised bicycles in Australia

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fabian!, Jan 1, 2017.

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    That's it
    The end of the line for properly usable internal combustion engines and electric bicycles in Australia.


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    yeah i heard my sister lives there too many people abusing it i hope we can all take the lesson these are like minimotos are for off road use only in most countrys and we get round it because its straped to a bicycle if we push our luck rideing the roads no tax mot insurance they will clamp down i cycle most my journys n find off road aerias to engine up legaly not causeing a nusance im not hideing what im doing eather using it as a bicycle in public and ive not had a issue yet in the uk if i was tearing up the path or on roads past cops id get warned then it took away from what im told they had a mad craze everyone jumping on the band wagon motorcycles everywhere risks to lives and australia is pretty strict in genral but it is a real shame and wont help our fight to keep alowing us to use these as bicycles to go to bicycle motor clubs meets races together ;)
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    I would be prosecuted pretty quick in OZ. I love my guns and my motorized bicycles. I don't carry my pistol, but I am adamant about having the right to defend my home against bad guys.