Endless Money Pit !!!!!

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    They are lots of fun but motorized bikes can cost you a fortune!! There always is something going wrong or needing to be repaired even with the top of the line kit. At 1400 miles my Subaru staton kit clutch burnt out and 2 sealed bearings in the transmission blew scattering bearings all thru the grease in the transmission--none of it warrantied--about $300 to repair! --a month ago i spent $300 dollars on new cartridge bearings and tire and rim for my SCSW Morini setup--oh yea i also had to buy a new rim for my Subaru setup -$200--where will it end ?--i took my truck off the road to save money--NOT!!--it would have been cheaper- its a Toyota--As of today both units are for sale!!--but wait they are hard to sell ive been trying now for 2 months !! so newby beware!!

  2. robin bird

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    $363 repair bill including parts and shipping-its like i get 250 miles per gallon but it cost me $1 per mile so is it economical--not
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    My motorized bicycle is my "toy". My motorcycle is transportation. I've saved $$$ by riding my motorcycle to work and weekend trips to see my relatives. They think I'm nuts for riding a MC, but 70mpg and $10 fill ups are better than the 20 mpg and $55 fill ups in my Jeep.

    A MB would be good for someone that has a short commute to work. (less than 5 miles) Above and beyond that, a "real" motor vehicle would be best. (IMO, of course)
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    Granted, it is not an inexpensive hobby like my $120 ukulele. I can play that THING every day. Then I MIGHT have to replace the $8 set of strings every couple years.

    Then I'm not saying anything about what my high-end ukuleles and Martin guitar cost me, but no maintenance cost.

    My motorized bikes cost me a bunch to build,but maintenance and repairs are peanuts for me. It's the cost of playing with toys.

    A medium-quality used bike might cost $150, engine kit $450 for friction drive and Subaru engine. Occasional maintenance costs of replacing $5 for bearings and you're set for life. Bike needs tires replacement.

    If you could live with this bike ONLY, then it's easily cost-effective to replace a car for errands within a 6-mile radius.

    My family gave up one car when my son had his car totaled. Building and maintaining all four of my motorized bikes is cheaper than replacing his car...for me.

    I guess it all depends upon what you build, and what you want to spend.:detective:
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    I hear you on the Toyota v/s bike reliability ( I have an old Prisim- great car).
    Probably, the best thing is to be able to do any kind of repair on these or not have one at all. Guess you already made that decision.
    The north ain't Hawaii - we NEED a car around here. For most of us these are toys- something to tinker with.
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    I can see where this MB thing can get a little expensive, and it's like your really not paying attention cause it's different and fun to get around on a weird little bike thing. But if your riding is no holes bard and casting your fate to the wind, it will eventually catch up to you in skin and money. I ride as conservatively as possible so I don't have the darn thing needing repair. I hardly ever ride it to the upper levels of rpm's that only serves to vibrate things apart. I have a 650cc Triumph for the speed if need be.
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    I can see where Motorized Bicycles can get pretty expensive really quick.

    But It doesn't have to, I have put tons of money into this hobby, but I have a friend that doesn't have much money. He gets bikes for parts for next to free on Craigslist or goodwell for about $25 or less. He got a china kit for $120 and he's driving around like a madman! :scooter:

    Stuff breaks weekly, atleast.

    He put a 21 speed rear rim without even a derailer, everything is bent in some way,He plugged up little gas leaks with old tubes of whatever calking he could find.

    But that thing is unstoppable! :tank:
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Exactly, guys. It doesn't have to be a "money pit", but maybe a "nickel and dime" project, not even a "nickel and dime" me to death project.

    All depends what you want, your skills, experience, workspace, resources, etc.

    Instead of a $2500 SCSW Boxer, ya might go for a used $75 Diamondback mountain bike, a $145 Subaru engine and $129 BMP kit. For less than $400, you can have a quality ride that aint gonna break the bank.

    If your clutch and bearings explode, parts will be less than $50. Just fix it and move on. It's the price of owning an MB, NOT just the original purchase price .I would STILL be ahead of replacing a vehicle, what with insurance, registyration, fuel, parking fees, safety inspection, maintenance, repairs, downtime,depreciation, etc.

    I ALMOST bought an immaculate 2003 Diamondback Response bike with front suspension for $75. I'm a short guy, so the 22" frame was not for me. Shucks, what a deal.
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    Not to be nit picky, but the phrase is "no holds barred".

    Riding "No holes barred" would be Madonna, Lindsay Lohan,.... well, you get the picture. :ee2k:

    Sorry - I couldn't resist! :jester:
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    I could literally buy a new chinagirl engine kit every month and be ahead of owning a car. That would just barely cover my insurance costs. Add to that the cost of the vehicle, repairs and gas...a motored bike would be way cheaper.
    But since this is gonna be a hobby for me I am NOT going to keep track of how much I spend on it. I'll ride it to work everyday because I can. I'll ride it for pleasure whenever I get the chance. And when something breaks I'll order parts, fix it and move on. Heck fixing it is part of the appeal to me. If I was concerned about transportation as cheaply as possible I would pick up a used motorcycle for 500-800 bucks on craigs list and be done with it.