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  1. has anyone on here ever built an 80cc from "scratch?" I've been thinking about going this route instead of buying a kit largely to enhance my knowledge of these engines, plus the added challenge. Will any of these parts bolt up together or is there certain things i should look for. any input/advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, and there is no such thing as an 80cc.

    gasbike had unassembled 66cc engines for $99 so I got a couple.
    This all they had for instructions.

    It leaves out things like keyways and the seals but you get the idea.
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  3. ok can you explain what the 66/80cc means?
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    That is not a good way to start...

    Lots of info. Read, read, read.

  5. im not exactly a beginner to these builts. just never built a motor start to finish, always been a kit. where should i start?
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    CC's is cubic centimeters, the volume in a cylinder.
    It is calculated by Bore x Stroke.
    The engine is 66cc.

    80cc is some long ago Chinese measure that adds other BS in and only used as a making trick to make an engine sound bigger.

    gasbike has this to build your own engine.
    It's pretty much all the piece at 55% off what you would pay for them individually.