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    Already answered..... You won't get any different responses here.
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    i'd choose the $80.00 one because it's the same engine as the $129.00 one.
    i'm not sure what kind of warranty or what kind of customer service that helio offers, but i already know that a warranty or customer service is pretty much non existent with bgf.
    I'm sure that if you had a problem with a bgf engine, and you kissed his butt a little instead of getting all mad at him and accusing him of selling you a junk engine, he'd probably do something for you.
    I personally have not had any problems with my 2 bgf engines, or the other 2 bgf engines that i've installed on my friends bikes. I haven't had any issues with any of the parts that i've bought from bgf either. shipping has always been quick, and everything i've gotten from him has been ok. the quality of some of the parts isn't the best, but they are decent. (i've bought a chrome throttle /kill switch that came with some really nice aluminum grips, a cns clone carburetor (that was just as unuseable on one of these engines as the real cns carbs), clutch pads, 2 sprockets, and long exhaust with a muffler from bgf as far as parts go).
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