Engine Cover Paint


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Jun 15, 2008
I just removed my EHO35 engine cover, and gave it a good sanding with a fine 220 grit, then washed it. I'm going to paint it black to match my bike.

But which paint to use? Today I picked up a can of this stuff at lowes. Its rated for high heat, but makes no mention of use with plastics. http://rustoleumspecialty.com/product.asp?frm_product_id=39&SBL=5

Or, at walmart they have this stuff. Makes no mention of heat, but works on plastics. http://www.krylon.com/products/fusion_for_plastic/

Which would you go with, or is there another readily available option thats better :confused:
An engine cover does not get hot enough to require high heat paint- go with the plastic paint.
Go with the paint which is approved for plastic. Since the cover is plastic it must not get very hot otherwise the plastic would melt. General use paints could have some solvents that could soften the plastic.

Heres a Subaru painted black by Torques


I painted the engine cover from that off-yellow color to black. I think it looks better than before.







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I'm planning to try some vinyl dye on my engine cover. A lot of the guys who mod their computers have used this stuff successfully, and it may be more durable and easier to apply than paint. Do a google search for "vinyl dye" and several of the items on the first page are from guys who have modded their cases.

Good luck, and let us know how it works out.
thanks! i appreciate the help.

i will return this BBQ paint and get the stuff for plastics. :cool:
I got the krylon fusion gloss black for the engine cover (and to paint some chrome throttle hardware black). Applying it now. We will see how she comes out. ;)
Just follow the directions on the fusion and it should work perfectly. You've already prepped it correctly now all you have to do is wait for a low humidity/wind day and paint it in a few light coats. Nothing too thick and not too close with the spray nozzle. I usually do lots of little bursts to keep from getting runs and drips.