Engine Cuts goes faster when I cut of the petcock while riding? Need ASSISTANCE!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by StrontiumEthics, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    Here is my Story. My engine works fine sofar, but at full throttle the engine bogs down and loses rpms. So I said "Maybe Im not getting enough fuel in the engine", so I adjust the jet pin. It felt a little better, but on the testride I did something interesting by accident. Since I was about to role into my backyard I cut of the petcock while the engine was still on, I was like a block away from home. And PRESTO! My engine Got SO MUCH FASTER and stronger!!!! I would say I was going about 30mph+ when before I was going like 25mph while the petcock was "off" ( No fuel flowing into the bowl)

    What I would say is that im getting to much fuel into the fuelbowl. So I have to reduce it because when the petcock is off no more fuel goes into the fuel bowl but I go faster. Here is where im lost. how can I do it? How can I adjust the bowl to allow LESS Fuel? not to sure about it....

  2. give me vtec

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    you could open the petcock halfway to reduce the flow....
  3. StrontiumEthics

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    Hmm.... Thats a really good idea. But Incase that doesnt work when I try it tommorrow =. How can I actually adjust the fuel bowl.
  4. Skyliner70cc

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    Sounds like you are running a bit rich and may need to lean mixture out. Several ways to do this, smaller jet size or move needle valve clip up one notch.
  5. StrontiumEthics

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    Not quiet sure if its rich I adjusted put the e clip on the very first notch. I really think its the amont of fuel in fuelbowl.
  6. Scotchmo

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    Pull off the float bowl and make sure that your float is not stuck.

    More things to check:

    Others have reported gas leaking into the float through a crack or hole. Check that no gas is in the float itself.

    Main jet and jet holder is screwed in all the way. Mine was loose.

    Float valve is working. Dirt can jam it open.
  7. StrontiumEthics

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    Ok, I will definatly check for all of those, however, if I have to adjust the fuel bowl, how do I?
  8. spad4me

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    That is called a pinch test .
    When running if you pinch the fuel line it is supposed to die.
    You are running rich when you almost run out your mix gets normal.
    Solder and redrill your jet. then adjust the needle.
    I do not know how big your jet should be trial and error.
  9. StrontiumEthics

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    Ok, so the fuelbowl isnt the problem? Where do I get jets from? Ones that fit my carb?