engine dies after short run

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  1. first build basicaly my engine will die as if it has run out of fuel after a short run, if i pump the prime it will run for a whil then die again, i have checked the possibles, fuel is in bowl and does run freely when needle (float) lifted without bowl on, engine will run fine with clutch in and not being ridden, when i get on it and floor it it dies, will happily run with little throttle but again open it up and it dies.

    in the uk there is only a few of these about and they are all off road, so the support is not really there, i cant just go to a shop and find things out so i wholey rely on the internet and ebay for parts or advise. so any help will be greatly appriciated. many thanks richard

  2. ok ahev sorted the problem and it was all down to me not checking it, the needle housing was not screwed to the carb so it free to float about with the float and not do anything, and i would never have thought about it until i read some posts on this forum. i had what is called a blond moment. everything is all SNAFU now.
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    Glad you found it out. I had this happen to me 3 years ago on a ride (the needle housing vibrated loose) and it is one of my tips for newbie builds to locktite the item.
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    Also i had that problem also and my carb was sucking air so it needed tightened up a tad on the screw on the intake also check your nut on the intake aginst the head also they vibrate loose easily