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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by deercrossing, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. deercrossing

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    Hello to all! The engine is new with 200 miles. I was going to work for the 3am bake. The trip is 10 miles and I had gone 9 3/4 and the engine made some noises and shut down. I tried to start the engine after giving the engine a look over and started to peddle and let the clutch go and the engine just seems to have froze up. I can't get the motor to turn at all. The exhaust pipe now has a blue yellow color an inch or so from the mount. So what could have happened? Before I go dismounting the engine from the bike I wanted to find out just what I can do to check out the motor before taking it from the bike. Thanks

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  2. OldPete

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    Pull the exhaust pipe and intake manifold.
    Look for signs of a piston seizure (Google images).
  3. deercrossing

    deercrossing Guest

    engine has melted down

    After I posted here I spent time looking at other topics about engine not turning over. I found enough to start me on my investigation. I pulled the plug and took off the sprocket cover on engine. Tried to turn engine and no turning. I took off the top piece that held the spark plug. What do we call this? Anyway take this off and I find a piston with a good bit of medal chips. Would the chips be the ring? So I know I am not driving this bike to work for a while. What do I do now? What do I look for as far as what coused the problem? Just what is the problem? Of course my 30 day warranty ran out 15 days ago.

    No time to talk about if I wasn't so cheap. I bought the engine. With the GREAT MINDS of two stroke engines we can pull this off. I need a plan! A plan to lift , a plan to bring back to life the dead, a plan that will keep me from the gas station blues.....We could put the band back together!!! This could be the Blues Riders Three. Any help backwards or forwards will be smiled at. Thank you! David JAKE Elmo Blues
  4. gone_fishin

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  5. Guest

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    If your pipe turned blue/yellow, you ran it lean...look for an intake gasket failure or other reason that it went lean...really lean.
  6. Egor

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    Yellow Blue, not good. It is hard to get the pipe that hot on a 2 Smoke, looks like you did it. Get hold of the outfit that sold the kit, a lot of them will help you out, but these engines are so inexpensive that there is not a lot of quality control in manufacture. Are you a mechanic? DO you think you would be able to work on your engine? Kings has a complete top end, it is for the 6mm studs but I ran a drill in each to 8mm and it works fine. If it is in the bottom end thats another story, takes a bit of know how to set that up. Let us know, Have fun,Dave
  7. deercrossing

    deercrossing Guest

    broke motor down to crank case

    I broke the engine down to the crank case. I read from an old post that the crank case is pressed together and really don't come apart. If this is the case I have no way to correct the problem. The pistone looks good. There is an impact mark on the pistone head side. The rings look fine. So I would say it's the bearring. No reason to take pictures of what is not damaged is there?
  8. Kielohawk

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    If there is an impact mark in the middle on the center of the piston check your plug. If your plug is damaged, then your piston has probably come up too far and hit it. This is a sure sign of a bearing going out. Happened to me and the upper bearing was shredded. If your cylinder, rings, and piston look good you caught it in time. Look under the cylinder and see if the bearing if damaged or looks cracked. Its a brass sleeve that goes through the upper piston arm. You can tell its a bad bearing if you piston has a lot of slop when you move it around.