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    So I purchased a 60cc bicycle engine kit and spent about 2 days putting it on. When I went for my first run I got noting. With or without choke. Both on a flat and on a downhill. The clutch is working fine, it engages when I let go an disengages when I pull on it. The magneto and CDI are working from what I can tell because I have a spark when I walk the bike with the plug on the head. It is getting fuel because I have opened the carb and made sure it was getting fuel. It smells like fuel slightly when I take of the spark plug. I have read that sometimes I can get spark on the head but not in the chamber is this true? I haven't been able to get a different upgraded plug yet I'm still trying with the stock one sent with. Mostly cuz I put the engine on the bike and it's not really ideal to pedal to the auto store now... What I'm mostly asking is replacing the spark plug the best first step in making it run?