engine froze now unfroze but wont engage

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by betoalvarez, Jan 22, 2008.

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    the title says it all, I had to run the motor without oil for a few miles, then engine froze (the chain didn't jam in the drive sprocket, the motor disengaged when I held the clutch in, but wouldn't move even when the spark splug was out and had no compression)
    so i took the top off and had to push the piston down, this made it disenage when the spark plug was out and had no compression, bUt..I tightend the clutch screw 0on the right side and still the motor NOW does not engage. its like the exact opposit has occured. did i strip something when i forced the piston down? im just so upset because i already purchased a motor and that broke down and now this one, i have been into these motors for over a year now and have only been able to drive one for a couple weeks str8. theres always something going wrong..PLEASE HELP this is my only transpo to and from work..:(

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    it's clear you're desperate for help...all the more reason to wanna be nice to the guys & gals...while you're waiting for help (and hopefully read read read'ing the forums) how about you check in at "introduce yourself"...it's forum policy to give the group a heads up about why you'd like to join in :)

    if you're just gonna get help and scoot, that's cool, too...but we still wanna know, m-kay?

    your description is confusing (to me)...maybe someone can figure it out for you. i wouldn't dare subject my 2-stroke anything to a single revolution without oil, much less a few miles...anyone can clear that up is welcome to chime in.
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    i will introduce myself now,
    im sorry if its so confusing, i think since i ran my motor with any oil for half a day it might have ruiend my motor, then when I pushed the piston down and unfroze it, my clutch seems all messed up, and no tightening it will help (on right side of clutch/gears) i have my old motor NOW..

    what happend to my old motor was this, the housing on the left side CRACKED and the front mounting cracked too, long story, anyways is there a way i can switch the clutch or the"insides" from my old motor to my new and INTACT motor? thx ..
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    based on the weird symptoms, i think you're gonna have to tear it down. if you're considering a swap-out of parts, you'll have to tear 'em both down to see what you have to work with.

    we're gonna need some pics of everything if you can. just keep everything in this here topic until we get it fixed.
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    well, i dont have any way to take pictures, wish i did. is it possible to tear it down? is there any advice or step by step instrucions on how to?
    PLUS i just put the top and spark plug back on after tightening the right side gear nut evn more, and it seems harder to move now..but my clutch arm is hitting the bottom of the carb so i dont even know if it will work this tight anyways. ahhh...if i do tighten the nut evn more on the right side, and make it engage, is there a way to adjust the clutch ARM to make it disengage therafter? thx
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    Don't take this the wrong way man and normally i wouldn't say this but u seem to be out of your depth.Do u have a friend or neighbour u can take it to,someone who has good mechanical ability.Professional mechanics are costly but u really need someone who will pull-down both your engines and show u how they work and how to fix them.
    There are no step be step instructions because we don't accurately know the nature your problem/problems and without pics it makes it exceedingly difficult.
    READ AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE HERE.Buy a cheap digital camera and get back to us.
    I'm assuming u have a 2-stroke Happy Time but you've never said....u did say u ran it without oil so i'm further assuming u meant no oil in the fuel.
    These scematics might help:

    crank and piston assemnly.jpg

    cylinder assembly.jpg

    PS...this is where u get them from:
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    I agree with fetor56 on this. You should never run a 2stroke without the proper amount of oil mixed in the gas. NEVER!
    These are quite simple motors but, you would still need some experience, or the ability to share with us more info, (pictures, vocabulary). Until then your best bet might just be to find someone close by who can offer their skills to help.

  8. Scottm

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    Sorry to hear about your divorce and bike problems. Been there done that. You mightfind a small independent motorcycle repair shop. The one down the street gets a kick out my Happy Times and have helped me out several times free of charge. In return i buy my oil and chainlube there.
    Dittos to all thet Fetor said, I think they even make disposable digital cameras now.
    Good Luck. We'll do all we can to help.
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    I agree with most on this thread! Try posting the general area that you are from and maybe there might be someone nearby you who is a member of this forum who might be able to help. Otherwise take both engines to a motorcycle shop or a small engines/ lawn mower shop and get them to give you some quotes on rebuilding 1 engine from the 2 that you have (kinda build with the best parts you have from both). Pulling the head and cylinder off first and having a look at both the piston and sleeve should tell you if you're into a big or small problem, but if doing this is above your comfort level. Then definitely take it to someone who can do it properly for you. They'll have to investigate things for themselves by pulling the head and cylinder off first to see what kinda damage has been done and how it can be repaired or most likely replaced.

    Good luck.
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    all u got to do is get one of those cheap-o disposable funsaver cameras, and i think walgreens will send u the pics in the e-mail if i remember correctly. i am positive that they will put them on a disc for you
  11. betoalvarez

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    its a 49 cc from powerking on ebay.
    yes i can turn the engine by using the lil tool on the drive sprocket nut. thx
  12. eltatertoto

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    in an earlier post he said he broke the mount, you can drill the broken mount with a left handed bit and unscrew the stud and replace it and then ur done. or if the tip is coming out you can use a pair of needle nose vice grips. if i remember correctly thats all thats wrong with his other kit
  13. betoalvarez

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    sorry a long post got deleted anyways..

    old motor is cracked on the whole left side as well as the mounting

    it still will not engage even when i tighten the screw on the right side gear. (new motor)

    im thinkin' maybe i should switch out the gears and clutch from old motor to this 1? how would i go about this? thx man u guys even responding is giving me hope..
  14. betoalvarez

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    hmm i can turn the gears and yes the piston moves up and down.

    what im trying to say is that, the bike rolls freely AS IF i had no compression(spark plug out) BUT i have the spark plug IN and the bike just rolls freely and piston moves up and down. oh yea my kit only came with a sprocket puller no small gear tool. thx
  15. eltatertoto

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    sounds to me like you have the clutch cable too tight, cause if you have the flower nit tightened all the way, the arm is yr only other possible problem other than the flower nut not being tight enough, if u feel the flower nut is tight enough its probablly the clutch arm, move the little brass fitting closer to the end of the cable and go from there, with the clutch, its a lot of adjusting as breakin goes, it might not have even been the gas, you might have broke in the clutch a bit, thats what JUST happened to me, right norman? lol this would be the thing to try before you do anything else

    edit i read the piston moves, my bad
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  16. betoalvarez

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    ok yes it does move freeley, i not only seen the piston move when i had the spark plug and top off ,but with the top and plug back on i can hear it move up and down. i think it might be a clutch issue? i can't start it because, theres no resistence its too losse but i tightend the clutch as far clockwise as possible..i have to go to work and won't be back till 10:00 tonight thats like 12:30 your time, im in california. thx!
  17. betoalvarez

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    no i have had problems with the clutch arm on my last 1 so i know about all that. the cables not even attached as of 30 minutes ago and still it moves too freely. thx
  18. mickey

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    Maybe the ring are toast and thus, no compression even if the piston moves.

    I think the cylinder will have to come off to check for damage.

    EDIT: Ah, Norman has already suggested this. My bad.
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  19. cooltoy

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    I tried to follow this thread but it's too hard to figure things out. My take on this is that his clutch is slipping and he can't bump-start it. Am I wrong?
  20. betoalvarez

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    i guess I will take the piston out but how do i check for damage? there is no compresion, even when the spark plug is in.

    no compresion

    cutch cable is good

    tightend the flower nut on right side furthest it will go

    im gonna go see right now if i can start it, theres a big hill right outside clutch cable connected is no help either way its like in the middle of engaged and disengaged. and will not tighten or loosen. thx i'll keep u posted.