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    hello my name is beto, i have a new 49cc china motor from powerking off ebay. anyways its been running really great except, the engine froze,i did have to ride the bike for a few miles without 2 stroke oil. it locked up and I had to take the head off and "push"the piston through. now it actually disengages, but will not engage now. im gonna mess with the clutch and tighten it, as i do have some experience with these motors from past projects, but any help would be great
    p.s when the motor first froze up, it would disengage and you could peddle easily, so it wasen't the chain link getting jammed or anything, but even when I removed the spark plug(no compression) the back wheel wouldn't turn,so it wasen't the clutch THEN. sorry if i dont make any sense im just in a hurry to get to the bike right now, and fix it before work tomorrow