Engine Good or Bad ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Guest, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Well, they aren't 80cc, but that's not a big deal....unless you really wanted 80cc.....more like 67cc's

    Reports vary on a few things with this particular engine, but in general it's what most of us frame mount guys have. (I have a Dax, which is a 70cc, and has a few other slightly different parts)

    Overall, you'll have fun.
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    the engine's on the way, so you're asking the wrong questions.

    use/read/browse/search the forum and perform any upgrades that apply to your bike/engine combo ahead of time whenever possible, the "happy time" thrives on preventive-maintainence. take care of your baby and you'll have a blast, both with the build and the ride :D 8)
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    how can i research on a engine when it has no name !?
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    "Chinese Super Bicycle Happy Time" brand

    the MBc Owners Manual is for "Happy time" engines

    here's some install guides------>
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    "Chinese Super Bicycle Happy Time" lol I like that
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    Good 1 Augie!!!!!
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    good or bad

    trying to find some feed back on this forum ,not sure where to search ,,this engine don"t have a name ,,
    thanks in advance

    4 cycle , on ebay looks good ,, PULL START CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH WITH WIDER CRANK SET starting bid 249.99
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    there is no name because there is no name...i made up "happy-time" because someone (i forget who) insisted i tell him the name of the engines, so i blurted it out to shut him up...& it stuck.
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    The SHT48cc-SHT60cc-and the SHT80cc
    now dont go getting dirty mined with the name
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    I have one of these engines among my small collection. It starts easily, runs nice, and has good power. In fact, it is slightly faster with only 50 miles on it than a Dax motor which has 300 miles on it.

    The only thing I don't like about this engine are the small size head studs. Remove the studs and loctite them into the block with red loctite. Loctite the stud head bolts too!

    Since you are pulling the head/cylinder to loctite the studs into the lower block, you SHOULD remove and replace the stock copper wrist pin bushing with a roller bearing. Bushing failure seem to be the most common cause of engine failure/damage among all brands. A cheap and quick fix will save you headache down the road.

    Also, use a good quality two stroke oil that has some castor oil in it. You should use Klotz Benol oil or Maxima 927 oil. Both have twice the film strength, load strength, and flash point of pure synthetic or conventional oils.

    Never use less than 5 oz per gallon and never allow engine to run lean.
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    i've recently had occasion to have a good look at a quality-built "65" and i agree about the zip the engine has...

    i can live with the 6mm head-studs but they bear watching for sure, & the roller bearing upgrade will help any engine that has bushings now.

    from what i've been observing lately, i'm guessing someone's been reading MBc to find out what the consumer really wants...quality, reliability, fair pricing, & honest sales practices.
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    Don't reckon you'll find a name on any of them really, they're kinda generic.
  16. kind of like the guy who posted the thread... (no name)