Engine head safe temp

Whizzer 58

Local time
7:51 PM
Jan 26, 2008
Howell, Mi.
Hello again,, I just came back from a 6 mile ride and I thought I would measure the head temp.......I used a digital infared temp gun and at idle it was between 235 and 250 degrees.
I was riding between 25 and 30 mph and the outside temp was 67 degrees, I read on one of these posts that some of these WC-1 engines can go as high as 500 degrees or more.
What's a safe temp that won't hurt the engine? thanks......Ed
Hi Whizzer 58,
Try over 625 degrees on the WC-1. When using the copper head gasket and black cylinder paint I was able to lower the tempature of the WC-1 motor to below 500 degrees. Although the NE motor runs much cooler, the carburetor runs much hotter. The NE motor attaches the carburetor directly [with a few spacers] to the cylinder and can cause the fuel to boil in the carburetor. This most often happens when the restrictor plate is removed, instead of opening the plate's I.D. You can purchase a special aluminum spacer kit from your local Whizzer dealer, and it will keep the carburetor much cooler, and makes the carburetor easier to service if needed.
Have fun,