Engine I.D. How do you tell ?

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    I have another question about engine identification. I've been talking to guy that has a few engines for sale. He says they're Grubees and he thinks they're either 55cc or 60cc engines. He doesn't know. That makes me skeptic to start with. Does Grubee have either of those two engine sizes. Is there any way to tell the brand/factory where they were made along with the displacement ? Thanks for all replies !

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    The Grubee Gen IIa engines are 58cc. All Grubee engines have a label that identifies the factory. The Gen II (50cc) and Gen IIA (58cc) are manufactured by the JiaLi factory. (aka Nantong JiaLi, NTJL) The NTJL logo is cast into the engine case, and they have longer (slightly angled) clutch levers. These are the best of the HT engines IMO.
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    Thanks for the reply. I received my engine today and I'm still not sure what I really have. From what I gather, the sticker on the side of it say it's made by JiangYan City YuangDong Gas Eng Factory. Another rivited on plate says it was made Jan 14, 2009 and is distributed by Gasbikes.net It does have the big Grubee label on the right hand side of the engine. But, is it really a Grubee ? I bought it off eBay form Noationwide Access. The description on their eBay auction definitely does not match the engineI received. It came with a 44 tooth sprocket rather htan a 50 tooth, which is what I wanted. Crappy non bearing type chain tensioner. I wouldn't consider the least bit at using that thing. It also has 90 degree plug insteadd of 45 degree. I think a lot of the eBay people don't know squat about these engines. They're just selling them for profit. You look around and you'll notice that many sellers all have the same photos. Now how do you supposed that happened ? Anyway, I don't know to much about these things yet. That's exactly why I joined this forum after discovering it, and why I'm asking so many questions.
    Thanks again !

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    I read somewhere on this forum that the Gen ll's were not available because of EPA problems. Did that get cleard up and now they're available, or did I miss someting somewhere ?
  5. Gasbikes.net is listed on Grubees website as a dealer or at least was one of the dealers Don suggested to me when I was interested in some of his products. if you email Don Grubee he will return your email promptly! http://grubeeinc.com/USA/Locate A Distributor.htm
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    What you have is a "genuine" Grubee GT-2 engine.

    It is manufactured by the "YD" factory, and it is of better quality than engines from BoyGoFast and Powerkingshop. (IMO, of course) It does have the standard straight plug head, and a non bearing tensioner, but overall the quality of the kit is superior IMO.

    The NTJL Gen II and Gen IIA engine kits are (to my knowledge) not allowed to be imported because of the EPA snafu, but there are distributors that have existing stock.
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    Thanks for the replies. Just to double check, here are a few photos of my actual engine. Any replies will be greatly appreciated. For give me for asking so many questions, but I'm new to motorized bicycles and am trying to get my first one right !!!
    Thanks !

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