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    Hello all. I could use some engine identification help. The engine ID photo that's on many sites had me thinking I had a 55cc, based on the squareness of the head & the cooling fins.. but after pulling off & measuring the head, cylinder body & piston, it seems I may have a 66cc. Here's what I know:

    • The piston diameter is approx 46.8mm.
    • The cylinder diameter (from wall to wall) is approx 48.5mm.
    • It uses 10mm nuts to bolt down the head & body.
    • The spacing between the mounting holes on the head & body are approx 1.75" or 44.5mm.

    I am in desparate need of a gasket kit for this engine, but not sure which to order.. Do you know what engine I have? Seems from the nearly 47mm bore piston, that it has to be a 66cc, but I don't know how to ID with any of the other parameters.

    I thank you, in advance, for your time & expertise.

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    probably just a normal HT post a pic of it if you can.
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    Considering their low price, ordering one of each is feasable. I'd say it's the ' big ' [ 66cc ] motor The 50 cc is * very * small bore in comparison. You need to see one of each to ' get it ' .
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    You have a 66 cc

    Where are you in Socal?

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    Yea.. from what I'm gathering, it's a 66cc with the smaller bolt pattern(?). I thought it was a 55 from the look of the head & fins from ^that^ photo.. but the nearly 47mm diameter piston, the intake & exhaust bolt spacing, etc... had me scatching my noggin.

    Also: I noted the length from the bottom of the piston to the top of the wrist pin hole is 1 1/16th inch. Would that make it a Type A or Type B piston? While everything's apart, I might as well order in a new piston, rings & upper bearing. Any suggestions on those?

    Hey Socal Motor Bicycle Racing! I'm in southern OC: down in Dana Point. I've started to follow you on FB..... hoping to get out to see a local event in time...

    Where are you? And when's the next event?