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    How do you identify exactly what engine you have ? I have one on the way that I bought off eBay. It's supposed to be a Grubee 50cc. The description says it has 203 crank bearings. What's the difference between 203 and 202 bearings. I've seen both advertised. I just know I do not want an engine that has bushings rather than bearings in it. The description plainly said this motor has the 45 degree angled spark plug, however the photo of the kit shows a 90degree plug. So....I won't know what configuration I'm getting until it arrives, and I still may not know what engine it really is since I'm new with this stuff ! I've spoken with the vendor and I'm not really getting any straight answers on the issue. They also have conflicting tales about the waranty as well. Some of the people I've talked to, I fell like I'm talking to someone who's told so many lies in the past, they don't remember the lies they've told and when they get caught or confronted, the start back peddaling to try and justify !
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    There are some 50 factory's making these little 2 strokes in China and there not all the same. Good luck with that
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    Paste the link to the ebay auction where you bought it
    and i could answer your questions

    there are old style 50 cc Grubee's with 90degree plug
    and the new 50 cc Gen II motor with a 45 degree angled spark plug

    there are no engines sold anymore with bushings and
    the bushings were never on the crank bearings which are
    and were only ball bearings
    Bronze bushings were on the wristpin

    203 bearings are bigger than 202 bearings. :grin5:
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    He said it is a Grubee motor so we know what factory it was made in....
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    eBay auction

    I've been a member here for almost a week, so I don't know all the rules yet. I'm sure when I break one, someone will let me know. Hee ! Hee ! I didn't tink we were supposed to post links like that here, but here it is.
    check it out. I don't really understand how these people opperate. They told me the engine was coming from gasbikes.com. I don't remember all tha stuff they told me, but I kind of got cold feet after I bought it and felt like I was getting the run around. I e:mailed and asked if I could cancel my order. They said yes and were very polite about it. They've always been polite every time I've talked to them. I give them credit for that. Well, they refunded my PayPal account within 5 mintes after my cancelation request. However the engine had already been shipped. The cancel transaction was done via e:mail, but most of conversations were over the phone. The man told me to just refuse any shipment should I receive one. After finding out the engine had already been shipped, I got back in touch with him and told him I might decide to keep it, and if so, I would pay for it immediately after I received it. Maybe, and hopeful they are very legit. As I said, they've always been nice on the phone and never gave me the impression they were trying to get rid of me ! Maybe it's just a mis-understanding on my behalf. Thanks for the reply and please check out the eBay link and let me know what you can ! And please look at the photos vs. the written description and you'll see what I'm talking about as far as discreprancies. (spelling ?)

    ..... PC .....
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    The picture is maybe accurate

    the description is NOT accurate for that auction

    All the bolded items are NOT included with this old style motor
    Thats a funky exhaust if that is the one you get
    Its all welded up and usually badly made so the crank hits it
    gasbike is a member here
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    So, to make a long story short, is this kit worth $120.00 or shouuld I send it back and get something else. I'm asking your opinion, so don't hold back ! Who is a good vendor for Grubee ? I'm seeing only about 3 or 4 on the web.
    Thanks for a quick reply.
    By the way, like I said, those people were always nice, but I could never get a straight answer out of them. Wonder why ???? Now you're making me tingk that maybe they did get their engines frm gasbike, but maye they are older models. Who knows ?
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    Forbisher, I think you over looked the sprocket details. The ebay one says 50 teeth, but the one shown is 44. Yes, I counted the ones in the photo. Check out this link http://www.gasbike.net/grubee-starfire-gt-2-48cc-standard-finish-bicycle-motor-engine-kit.html I think this is what I'm getting. Very same photo as the one the eBay site, and the description seems to match the photo. On the gasbike site, this kit got a 5 start rating from customer reviews. Then again, is it worth having ? I had already planned to get a longer crank because I plan to instal a pull start and centrifigal clutch, so muffler fit is no big deal. My machine shop buddy can fix that I'm sure.
    Thanks !
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    Heck anyone who sells motorbike engines, and
    Sky Puppet Inflatable 20ft AIR DANCER Tube Guys,
    is ok in my book.
    Install it right, brake it in right, and maintain it, you should be all right.
    Enjoy it.