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    NOTE: Forgive me if this is in the wrong section.
    Wasn't sure, but its basically an engine question, so this area made the most sense to me.

    Who made the engines for the Homelite ST200 gas powered string trimmers?

    I've got one of these at my parents house (my Dad bought it new in the late 80's) but it hasn't run in years and recent attempts have proven unsuccessful.

    Are parts still available either from Homelite or the engine's original manufacturer?

    Are there kits available that will allow me to mount this motor on a bike, or am I looking at making the mounts myself?

    These are 31 cc two-stokers that I hear are deceptively powerful and make GREAT Motored Bike engines.

    Thinking of hanging it on my '73 AMF Roadmaster 3-spd. tourer.


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    Thanks. I think someone sent me a similar link a while ago.
    what I'm really curious about now, is who made that engine?
    Homlite simply marinized that engine, but I wonder who the original manufacturer was?


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    posting serials, and any other helpful markings on the engine will help immensely