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Al Keller

After reading several posts @ the e-bay king kits , and not liking being frustrated I'm looking at getting a whizzer kit out of Fla. Could I get a few recomendations prior to getting one? Also what is this Dax I've seen several references to? Thanks;



As for Dax, check out the ads on the left side of your screen. As for kings, the kit I bought worked. I bought some replacement parts (sprocket, clutch lever, idler wheel) from Dax, and 2/3 were superior. The sprocket had the teeth beveled (vs just stamped) for quiter, more reliable running, the idler has a ball bearing, vs. none, The clutch lever is a bit different, but probably a wash quality wise. but I broke the kings one by overtorquing the clamp bolt the first time..I was careful not to do that on the dax replacement, so I can't really say it is better, as I was still able to use the kings lever even with the broken clamp.