Engine kit comes today!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by crabdance, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. crabdance

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    Hi everyone, Today is the day my engine kit is supposed to get here. I thought it might get here yesterday but it didn't... I was bummed. But it should get here today! I am so excited that I just had to tell ya'll. Had to tell someone or I will bust, :grin:. I already have my helmet. It came 2 days ago. Have to be safe 'cause I want to ride, not be in the hospital. It's a full face DOT helmet so I feel pretty good about it. I did not want to go with one of those bicycle helmets. Just don't feel that safe with them.

    The biggest part about getting my engine kit is that because I'm getting it from someone else, there will not be any instructions. Mechanical I'm not. So this is going to be tough without instructions. I will probably start a thread about my install when it comes just so I can get some help when I need it.

    I can't wait!!!.. I sure hope it comes today! It should. That's 6 full working days since it was shipped so that ought to make it.

    Thanks for listening to me ramble... I'm just so excited that I have to talk to someone about getting my kit. I'm like a kid at Christmas time. :) Again thanks for listening and I will post about it again if it does or doesn't come.

  2. jared3377

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    Woo-hoo! I hope it comes because I hate it when I'm waiting for something in the mail and it doesn't come! :-x

    It'll come today, though...good luck with the install!
  3. crabdance

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    Hey jared! Thanks for sharing with my happiness. I hate waiting on the mail too... it's no fun at all. I really can't wait... it should be here today. I hope the install goes smooth 'cause I want to ride it as soon as possible. The motor is used but only has about 150 miles on it so it's just broke in. It should be ready to go! I got it from a good friend. He offered the kit to me as a gift and I could not turn that down!!!
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  4. bmoody

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    Trust me I hear ya. I am waiting for mine to be delivered myself. It says tomorrow, but unless they created teleportation, i dont believe it will get here. Darn fedex.

    Ship date
    Jun 9, 2008
    Estimated delivery
    Jun 13, 2008
  5. crabdance

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    Sorry to hear that bmoody... I sure hope it gets here soon. I have to be happy a little because MY KIT CAME TODAY!!!~~~ now all I need to know is how to put it together. I'm going to start a build thread in the frame builder section so I can beg for help. Yours will be here soon bmoody. I will keep my fingers crossed for ya! Have a great one.
  6. Norm

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    You can find instructions on websites that sell the kits. Even if they're for a different kit there may still be info relevant to yours.I need pictures myself.

    My advice is don't hurry. Some of the bolts may be better replaced (like the ones that hold on the exhaust pipe) by studs from the hardware store. Plan on making at least one or more trips to the hardware store before you have what you need. Before you fireup the machine go over your work carefully. Nuts and bolts need to be really tight or they'll unscrew themselves. One of my exhaust bolts unscrewed itself halfway and then sheared off with half the bolt still in the block.
    I almost cried when my kit was a day late.

    Good Luck, Crabdance

  7. bmoody

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    I got instructions that were emailed to from my kit seller. if you want me to forward them to you pm me your email address.
  8. crabdance

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    Yes moody, I would like that. anything that would help. I'm going to start my thread in the frame mount section now... it will probably be good for some laughs.

    thanks a lot,
  9. crabdance

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    Thanks norm... I appreciate the thoughts. I will take it all to heart and make sure that all the screws are tightened down good. Don't want to go chasing after any parts on my first trip.. hehe. Hopefully soon I will be able to tell you how things went or are going. I'm going to start a build thread in the frame section. bye for now..
  10. crabdance

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    Well it finally got here yesterday and It's almost completely built. Have a few items that I need to purchase then I'm ready to go. The kit came to me as a gift so I don't mind that I have to get a couple of things before it's ready. It's all gravy from here.

  11. wildnwooly

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    i got mine today, unfortunately

    I was overly excited like the first poster. it took several days before i got email with traking number. finally my 80cc kit arrived.

    I was home when it arrived but i didnt hear the ups guy who usually honks , but this time i didnt even hear him and i dont think he wanted me to because the box was somewhat beat up.

    When i opened the box and carefully took items out i found the gas tank with a big dent in the top. my heart sank, what next?

    Everything else seemed ok except the engine itself was defective from the factory. The cylinder casing wasnt fully formed and was totally missing some metal. the metal that was there had alot of bent fins.

    Im not an expert on 2 cycle engines so i dont know what else to look for but i feel the uncast part of the engine is more than enough to not go further with installing it.

    The reason i post this is ... dont get your hopes up too much when you are expecting something wonderful.

    I hope i dont have to pay for any shipping to get this replaced.

    I am very disillusioned and anxious as to what to do now.:-x:confused:
  12. crabdance

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    Hi wooly.. sorry things did not turn out good for you. Things turned out pretty good for me though and everything made it just fine. It's amazing how one person can experience one thing and another experience something different. I hope you get the dealer to fix everything. I will keep my fingers crossed for ya,

  13. Norm

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    May I inquire who your vendor was? That's a very disturbing story. I'm truly sorry that happened to you.