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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by nadroj, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. nadroj

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    this morning when I was riding my ht the engine all of the sudden locked up while going up a hill.
    I had been hearing a metalic ticking in the engine recently.
    Where should I begin to look?
    I think the rings may have given out.

  2. srdavo

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  3. nadroj

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    I know for a fact it was the engine not the chain because when I pull the clutch in I can ride. Should I go ahead and pull the cyclinder off, also?
  4. nadroj

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    oh yeah I have been riding this for about 9mo and with out an air filter and I ride hard, so I am surprised it lasted this long.
  5. srdavo

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    Yeah, might as well have a good look at the insides. You'll know if the rings are seized, soon.

    hahaha.... no regrets, I see.

    ticking.... could be the wristpin bushing/bearing. when you get in there, check your piston for 'up & down' play.

    ticking could also be your main bearings....?
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    Yeah It almost sounded like lifter tick but i know thats not it. I will check tonight.
  7. nadroj

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    How do you take off the cylinder??
  8. Al.Fisherman

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    One nut at a time lol.... Remove the muffler (2 nuts, maybe 3), remove the intake/carb (2 nuts), then the cylinder head (4 nuts) the cylinder should slide up.
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    Riding without an air cleaner with one of these engines is certain death. The intake is pretty much inline with debris being slung around by the rear tire. The frame is in the way, but plenty of fine dirt is being kicked up and sucked into the engine.
  11. nadroj

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    i dont care. if you are going to tell me about the dangers of no filter you dont need to post here anymore. I obviously understand them.

    for the cylinder I do need to pry it off it is not budging.
  12. biken stins

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    Might see if you can remove the studs. It can make it easier. Double nut the stud and turn counter clockwise.
    You may need a new cylinder besides rings. Put some oil in cylinder and work it a bit.
    Good luck.
    Is the head a slant head ? As long as your getting parts may be something to think about.
  13. nadroj

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    so i got the cylinder off and guess what i found. some where in the crank it is jaming up. the piston and rings appear to be fine. what could have causeed the jam? I am just going to buy a new lower end because mine wasnt doing so hot already. but wow/
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    Residual Oil In Crankcase?

    Can you see any residual oil in the bottom of the crankcase? One of the two stroke gas/oil mix experts said there should be around 3cc of oil in the bottom if the mix is right. Also what is the color of the plug? Oiley, sooty brown or chalk white? Proper mix would have it sooty brown. (Dry but not burned) Then is the conrod free to rock back and forth on the crank? Have you looked iunder the clutch cover? Maybe something is wrong over there? Finally how about the magnet and mag assembly? Something there could break and jam the crank.

    I am not much on 2 strokes, just playing with my first one that someone gave me, but I have gotten a lot of good info on them here. Always worked with 4 stroke and these are really different. I don't think my early years with O&R and OK Cub model airplane engines count?

    Good luck