Engine mount 49cc 4 stroke and drop loop frame

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  1. Forumites,
    I am planning a new build with a Worksman Drop Loop frame. Post your best photos - links . I need to get a grasp of alignment and frame mount mechanics with a 49cc engine. I know there are photos of parallel frame clamp mounts but my google searches have not delivered the goods.

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  3. Interesting link but nothing usable for a drop loop frame.
    A buddy of mine may be interested in the tricked out 212cc cylinder heads though. Thanks for the reply.
    By the way I should change the thread title. I am building with a 79cc Predator now.
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    4 stroke 212.jpg

    They Can Do Drop Loop Frames as well for predator 79 and 212
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    That's not a drop loop frame btw
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    yeah i know
    but we can do it
  7. Gasbike, just so you know. I have a Sportsman Flyer Drop Loop frame. If you read the thread I started about building a 79cc Sportsman Flyer, you will also see my current inventory of acquired components. What isn't listed I am either making myself or purchasing from Custom Motored Bicycles / MBRebel.
    I have a working relationship with Lynn. She uses my machine shop services in trade for product I need for my current build.
    It doesn't hurt that I am 50 minutes from her business site.
    Thanks for trying.
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    Oh no worries
    Post some pics when your done !!
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  9. Would like to post some in process photos soon of work in progress.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI